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Eurovision: Australia Decides 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, May 20, 2019.

  1. Let’s all pray to Mother Mary that Vanessa has The Power to win.
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  2. The majority of songs and artists were extremely poor this year. Now Vanessa should be the one to go, and represent Australia. Not because she is vanessa, because her song is sick! It’s catchy, vocally interesting, and the most memorable of all.

    Jack seems like a nice guy, but no. His song is really boring, and doesn’t go anywhere. It’s too safe, and his image would gain more attention rather than his song. He has an outstanding voice, but the material was rather flat. Plus I think he has over done the “get me on every singing show out there”.

    Casey another worthy person, but lame song.

    The others are just bland.

    Dami Im has been the only worthy person to represent Australia. If she didn’t win it, I don’t see much hope for others. I read Eurovision finds it a joke that Australia is apart of it.
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  3. Some people like Australia being in it, some don't. I'm sure there are other artists that could win.
    Dami came reall close and I was rooting for her.

  4. Cmon TASTE

    also the official Melfest account is messy for liking this
  5. So half way through and Vanessa is head and shoulders above the rest. I enjoyed Jaguar Jonze's staging but the song didn't translate that well.

    Everything else has been a bit bland and Jack Vidgens is the definition of just because you can doesn't mean you should.
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  6. Vanessa slayed! Nailed the final chorus compared to last night too. I just hope she makes it through
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  7. Vanessa was impeccable
    *chefs kiss*
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  8. Well... her vocals in the choruses were not that good though....
  9. I think the only dodgy bit was the transition into the first chorus, but bloody hell that gear change is no walk in the park! Lot of people saying it hurt their ears.. I suppose singing that high is an acquired taste but most of the other singers tonight wouldn't even be able to attempt that song
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  10. Diana Rouvas was surprisingly good. I like the song and she had a great voice. the staging was bland and let her down, and the less said about the dress the better.

    I like the idea of incorporating traditional elements but this Mitch Tambo track is certainly no Electric Fields. My ears!
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  11. What the hell is this?!?
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  12. Fuck me, can we crown Casey? Queen of slaying a super bland song.
  13. She sang it really well but it was so dull. I really hope they don't send that.
  14. Montaigne at one point I thought my left ear wasn't working properly
  15. Diana Rouvas really wowed. She sold a rather mediocre song.
  16. Montaigne had all the potential of being a winner... that performance though.... is not it. Awful, awful vocals. Clownery.

  17. Well, I suppose it will be either Casey or the last dude....
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  18. Montaigne was shocking, who had that idea? She looked ridiculous and the vocals were massively affected by the movement.
    Didirri was not my cup of tea, I found it really boring.
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  19. Vanessa Amorosi

    Diana Rouvas Stansfield Arena
    Jaguar Jonze


    The rest

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