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Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Charley, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Aw, I love Sieneke! I've stopped listening to the entries until a couple of weeks before the competition, but I've made an exception for 'Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-La-Lie)'.

    I doubt she'll do well, but I'm at least expecting a couple of votes from Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have a market for this kind of schlager.

    On a side note, here is Sieneke performing a Dutch Eurovision medley. 'Ding-A-Dong' is such a tune, isn't it?
  2. Well she's secured a vote from Serbia (probably the only one though). It just sounds like a soundtrack to a smalltown fair somewhere in Flanders 50 years ago, so charming. Am I romanticising? I adore the hand-waving-finger-snapping routine.
    Btw, she's 17?! How did they manage to make her look like a 40-something housewife?

    Yes! Ding-a-dong outABBA'd the Swedes themselves. My favourite entry in Dutch, however: ('credible')
  3. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  4. Aww, thanks Charlie.

    Yep, he's still hot.
  5. I finally had the chance to listen to all the entries, and I confess that I tend to be more of an "uptempo" guy (when it comes to Eurovision, anyway). My top 5: Denmark - Iceland - Turkey - Moldova - Ireland
  6. I thought I couldn't love Hera anymore, but the end of that video is hilarious!

    I'm quite insanely obsessed with 'Satellite' at the moment but I can't get my head around that bizarre accent! She's like a cross between Amy Diamond and Lady Sovereign!
  7. There is apparently a facebook campaign to get Josh Dubovie to number one in the UK. After Rage Against The Machine, Delerious and Tina Turner all managed it with facebook campaigns, this could be a possibility if enough people get behind it.

    The official remix version is actually pretty good:
  8. Neither Delirious nor Tina Turner managed it with or without a Facebook campaign. And why would anyone want a song as bad as 'That Sounds Good to Me' at #1?
  9. Perhaps it could be some sort of postmodern thing. Or people raging against a song as bad as Rage Against The Machine getting to #1.
  10. It's genius isn't it? I wish I'd been a [multilingual] fly on the wall at the storyboard meeting for the video, where they pitched the idea.

    Director: "Basically, Hera, here's the deal... you're going to check yourself in at a swimming pool, put on a massive frock with shoulder pads, and jump in a pool. To win the heart of the cashier."

    Hera: [beat] "I love it."
  11. It should do well regardless of campaigns, as it is already getting radio exposure.
  12. I doubt it, though. I Like the newer version a lot more, but still it's not a tiny urine soaked patch on last year.
  13. duckface

    duckface Guest

    OK, so I haven't been keeping up to date as much as I used to with Eurovision, but I watched a few videos last night and wow, this is a fucking terrible year.

    Netherlands - Did she think this was JESC?
    FYROM - Sounds like Montenegro's 2 years ago.
    Slovenia - Wow. Is it the 80s again? Terrible.
    Turkey - Better quality than most but entirely forgettable.
    Sweden - One of the decent entries. Good for them.
    Finland - What the fuck.
    Russia - Bigger than the rest of Europe combined, and this is the best they could do?
    Ukraine - Piss poor. And usually they bring in some much needed entertainment.
    Slovakia - Who thought this was a good idea? It's like the last 5 years never happened and we're back in 2002/2003.

    It's almost as if nobody wants to win because of the costs of hosting. Oh wait, that's actually probably it.
  14. Is it me or is the CD album notably more expensive this year?

    I swear it was £8.99 online last year but it's £11.99 onwards this time around.
  15. I like Slovakia's song even if it is just Ruslana slowed down and Turkey's has grown on me to the point where it is one of my favourites. Agreed with you on all the others though
  16. You're right, and what's worse Play's £11.99 is on the cheap side by comparison with Amazon's £14.99.

    Play really messed up last year, but they've been well-behaved for the most part since then, so I'm letting them have another "crack at it" (copyright Sheila Hancock).
  17. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    And in the category "famous last words..."

    I'm not risking it this year. I will just be getting one in a proper store here. I hope Saturn will sell it cheaper than what I've seen so far though. Fnac has it listed for a whopping €21 or about £18!
  18. I wish the bloody thing came out sooner. I know it takes time to get all the final edits and blah blah blah but surely even a week earlier would be better than nothing?

    I know in this day and age we can download all the songs but I literally can not be bothered!
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