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Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Charley, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. After the preview show that was tonight, Satellites is now "storming" up Swedish iTunes and currently sits at #38.

    It feels exactly like the kind of song Sweden would give 10 points to, with 12 going to either Norway or Denmark. We love the "quirky" entries that makes indie-people go "ooh, this is good for real", think Laka with Pokusaj a couple of years ago.
  2. The songs grown on me a lot, but I just cant see it doing well.

    Just watched the Danish shocked at how bad it sounds! Surely not the front-runner people have been claiming.
  3. Yeah, that Danish rehearsal was pretty dodgy. Poor vocals and a pretty lack-lustre performace all round, so I think the fan polls will be proved wrong there. And although I love the German entry, her live vocals to date haven't been convincing...

    At the moment my surprise tips would be FYR Macedonia and Bulgaria
  4. For those in the UK who are interested in setting boxes or, um, videos (?!) for such things, Pete Waterman will be talking bollocks Eurovision on tomorrow's Loose Women.

    Might be worth seeing what kind of pompous soundbites he comes up with in defence of his efforts.
  5. Just voting in the Popjustice 12 Points thread.

    Realised my opinions haven;t change much since entries were announced. My top 3 are now inverted though, Denmark was my instant favourite but has lost ground. Will check out the rehersal, as I thought their initial performance was very good vocally....
  6. So by now, we all know that "In A Moment Like This" was submitted for Melodifestivalen, but did not make it to the final rundown (*cough* Christer Björkman, you are a moron *cough*).

    But the part that didn't dawn on me until now - and I wonder if anyone here knows - who was intended to perform the song if it had made the Top 32?
  7. Scotts, perhaps:

    I doubt anyone would know, to be honest. I'm not sure in what part of the selection process the songwriters request a singer, and it's not even sure they had anyone in particular in mind at the time. I suppose I could see it as a set up duet between, say, Linda Bengtzing and Magnus Carlsson?
  8. Speaking of duets (and songs that didn't make it), I'm still glad they decided to add Velvet to "Victorious" after that song got rejected - I don't think it would have worked as just Linda by herself. I'll stop now since this isn't the Melodifestivalen thread.

    So I still have my fingers crossed for Denmark but, slowly but surely, Hera is creeping up, and I feel like she might be my favorite by the time next week rolls around.
  9. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  10. Just watching the 2nd rehearsal of Israels entry...I can't see how this was ever thought of as a favourite? The song doesn't go anywhere at all, just supremely dull. Well that's my view...the boy is very pretty though ha!

    Is anyone else very underwhelmed with the stage setup? Looking back on the last 3 years, the use of huge screens has really brought every song to life, this year it's just fairy lights with anal beads hanging down (sorry couldn't resist). Hopefully it'll be more impressive on the night.

    UK first rehearsal today!
  11. Based on the rehearsal footage, it looks like the UK entry has arrived fairly slick with a stage show designed to detract as much as possible from the song itself.

    Not surprisingly, the host nation have reserved the best use of the back screens for themselves, just as Russia did last year. Norway: back in the game.
  12. There are various different versions including English and French. I think everything was released on 18 May with the video.
  13. I'm not so sure that Norway are back in the game...

    I like Josh's rehearsal, although i hate the pointless walk along the stairs where he ignores his backing singers. I really wish he could dance, then he could join in with the dancers for a bit too. I think they perform too close to the back of the stage, so i'm worried they won't engage the audience. Hopefully it'll come across well on the cameras. Think we'll do better then last place, but i think people will prefer to vote for stronger songs.
  14. I think the UK will do ever so slightly better than imagined initially because things seem to be slightly moving now but bottom five/ten still beckons!

    I'm really surprised Denmark have been so poor in rehearsal. I just hope there's more effort going into actually looking like they like each other in the proper performance, they're literally bending over backwards when they're facing each other!

    And I reckon Azerbaijan might nab it this year. They've done quite well for themselves over the pass couple of years and the song's quite good this time around, but if they did win could they manage to find the money to host it next year? They're not exactly the most affluent of countries, are they?!
  15. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I'm going a bit Eurovision crazy listening to this year's CD and both the Congratulations compilations....

    Should we do a Popjustice: 12 Points with the last 15 winning songs or woud that be overkill?
  16. No! We should definetly do one of then! =]
  17. Nooooo that's a great idea, get it sorted Charley! Maybe a UK entries contest also??
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