Eurovision Song Contest 2011

They've gone past now. It's just the UK though, right? Like, I wouldn't be surprised if the UK thought they could win, but not the whole of Europe (they have become favourites here in Ireland too though....).


At least Stella is getting the recognition somewhere. Swedish iTunes:

15 - Stella Mwangi "Haba Haba" (Norway)
18 - Kati Wolf "What About My Dreams" (Hungary)
24 - Eric Saade "Popular" (Sweden)
45 - Ell/Nikki "Running Scared" (Azerbaijan)
59 - Blue "I Can" (UK)
73 - Kati Wolf "What About My Dreams (Main)" (Hungary)
96 - Loucas Yiorkas - "Watch My Dance" (Greece)
121 - Jedward "Lipstick" (Ireland)
127 - Eldrine "One More Day" (Georgia)
161 - Lena "Taken By A Stranger" (Germany)
168 - Dino Merlin "Love In Rewind" (Bosnia/Herzegovina)
phoenix123 said:

Ireland are now level with the UK in the odds!!?!? How and why?

Interesting that Norway is still 13th favourite to win. Do they know something we don't? Slightly insulting to everyone lower down the list - you have less chance of winning than someone already eliminated!

That is rather ridiculous. Then again Estonia is 5th yet in reality they stand no chance of winning, so it's probably best not to take the betting agencies word on Eurovision at all really.


I just bought Kati Wolf's ANTHEM on iTunes. It's over a minute longer! All in English! Extra verse! Fuck 'Edge of Glory' - THIS is the throwback anthem of the year.
I was under the impression these were WORLDWIDE odds.

Can anyone confirm either way?

I remember in the 80s / 90s Wogan was always saying the UK was one of the favourites and I always took it with a pinch of salt assuming it was UK bookies being biased but in recent years internet betting seems more meritocratic and I assumed they were global.
I might repeat something that has already been said. Didn't see the live version. Got home and watched a recording – that lacked the drawing!!! Was it just my TV or was the sound completely of, most of the time?

What just happened last night? Europe has lost it’s marbles. Or is there really such a thing as the Popjustice curse?

So sorry for Norway. I really liked her performance, which was one of the strongest of the night. And of course it was one of my favorite songs.

Hungary was awfull. Nowhere near a contestant for the top spot.
My near favorite Poland was even worse. And I'm not sorry to see Armenia go.

Iceland was a surprise about Iceland, though they delivered a great perfomance, disregarding the malfunction of the microphone at first. The story that goes along with it might have helped them a bit though.

It really kills me that Lithuania got through to the finals. Awfull song and boring performance even if she did sing well.

I don’t get the hype about Finland and I do not understand what got people to vote for Greece, and I’m usually a huge fan of theirs no matter what they do. Russia left me annoyed and Georgia was just bad. I thought Albania had it in the bag – and actually warmed to that idea.

Then there’s Turkey! That really puzzles me. But I guess they can’t keep being popular. Song was good though.

And for the first time in my life, there were songs I just didn’t bother to watch and listen to. Almost skipped Azerbaijan. That’s too cheesy for me!

On the upside I was thrilled about Serbia and Switzerland!
When it comes to what will happen, I’m not able to figure that out, let alone guess. Anything can happen at this stage.

And just to prove my point about the Danish interest in this music and the contest. Stella Mwangi Haba haba is #178 on Danish iTunes, and the only entry by the way.


So sad for Norway. I could go into a rant about many things, but I'm not in the mood.

So anyway,

Azerbaijan I doubt will win, but will definitely be top three. I personally think the song is awful, but they have been ridiculously lucky with the semi and final draws as well as the exclusion of Turkey from the final, which should grab them a lot of extra votes on Saturday.

Finland's song is also horrible, and very similar to the Belgian (?) entry last year. I don't know why Eurovision always goes mad for pseudo quirky guitary bullshit like this.

I am really happy for Hungary and the exclusion of Turkey (who, like Greece, seems to get through no matter what they send). I would have liked to see Lithuania out though. Terrible lyrics, uninteresting song, and hugely overrated vocals. I think the last few songs that were performed were just lucky, I very much doubt Greece will be in Saturday's top ten. Which serves us right, sending such a gloriously shit song. Nikki Ponte was robbed, I tell you!

Predicting UK for a win. I really think it's possible. Unlike the last two years there really isn't a clear winner. Assuming Ireland gets through, I think it will be a race between Russia, Ireland (ughh), UK, Sweden and Germany.
Popular is too damn catchy, the fact it sounds similar to I Wanna Go has me all the more hooked! If Sweden don't make it through and atleast get top ten I'll be peeved beyond belief. Eric Saade is such a great popstar too, he should come to the UK!

I Can is also ridiculously catchy and the more I play it, the more patriotic I seem to become. Hopefully Blue can give their best performance on the night and finally deliver what we've all been waiting for.


I don't think UK will win, but I do think it'll be in the Top 5 at least.

I think the winner is going to be something awful like Finland, Iceland or France.


Alexander Bard tells it like it is!

What do you think about the UK’s entry, ‘I Can’ by Blue?
Bland, boring, predictable. Blue want to be Take That but they are not; they are too stiff for that. They are not even the new Boyzone. I heard a rumor that Hurts had offered to perform for the UK this year, that would have been truly fantastic. People in the UK don’t realise how massive Hurts are in Europe, do they? Blue? Who cares?


Britsean said:

Oh dear. Only one of the greatest songwriters of all time and the mastermind of a few of the greatest pop groups of all time!

I appreciate your perceptiveness of Eric Saade, though! It's nice to see that at least some thinks he should win.
I just looked at a list of all his songs and I haven't heard a single one so I won't judge him, though I see his point. I don't find it bland or boring but it is quite predictable. That's what a good Eurovision song usually is though isn't it?

Ugh Eric Saade, don't ask me what's happening but I've had popular on repeat for an hour now and I'm still not sick of it. The opinions on youtube seem pretty 50/50 with the occasional 'GO JEDWARD' thrown in for no reason.
Honestly I wouldn't say that Hurts are much of massive anywhere other than Germany and possibly its neighbours, but to think they were rejected by both UK and Russia... *sigh*


Do you watch Melodifestivalen? The competition Eric Saade won? He wrote two of the song this year, and competed four times with his band BWO. I might have to add that he's one of the most controversial figures in Sweden. These are a few of the headlines concering him FROM THIS PAST WEEK ALONE:

"Alexander Bard exhort child pornography crime"
"Alexander Bard and Laila Bagge [Idol jury members] compete in bullying teenagers"
"Bard: "Nyheter 24 [Swedish news site] is an asshole. No shit in this country stinks more."
"Alexander Bard asks for sex gossip about Jenny Östergren [Swedish tv-host]."
"Bard: "To sell sex was exciting."

And, again, I'm not exaggerating. These are all headlines just from the past seven days.


KamikazeHeart said:
Honestly I wouldn't say that Hurts are much of massive anywhere other than Germany and possibly its neighbours, but to think they were rejected by both UK and Russia... *sigh*

Also huge in Greece and Cyprus!

I know that basically amounts to 200 copies sold, but still.