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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Hurts never said they would represent any country, but they did claim to have submitted a song for the Russian entry.
  2. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    As was Xandee I believe.
  3. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Judging from the press, I'd say there are mixed feelings here in Sweden about the semi-final tonight. Before everyone seemed to think that Saade would go top 10 in the final, but after Norway's flop Tuesday night everyone seems to be extremely nervous. Most articles are about how "nothing can be taken for granted", the technical difficulties at the rehearsals and an overall quite negative feeling among the Swedish delegation in Düsseldorf.

    In the biggest poll I've seen, with over 13 000 Aftonbladet readers voting in total, 65% thought that Eric Saade will miss the final. Most comments seem to be about how cocky Eric is, and how rude he has been to Alex Sparrow. The Swedish journalists are saying that they're dissapointed with his rehearsals, and that it's not even close to as good as it was in Globen. Even I - and I've been 100% certain he will go through - am starting to have doubts. And I can't say the latest rehearsal video is making me calm either. The vocals are still shaky, the dance routine is NOT as top notch as in Melodifestivalen and the glass didn't break this time either. (I'm not sure if that was deliberate or not, though.)

    Apparently Christer Björkman (head of Swedish delegation and Melodifestivalen) and Eric Saade are so tired of the German production that they've decided that Eric will walk out of the stage in protest if the glass doesn't break tonight. Haha...
  4. Tonights semi final will be interesting.

    I do hope that Eric will qualify because he's got a great shot at winning the whole thing.

    As to whether Ireland will qualify then, I have no idea! It could either be a disaster for them on Europe could catch on to it.

    I must admit the production has been poor compared to previous years.
  5. "It's a lot about my face, my eyes. That's the x-factor, you can't touch it."

    I'm sorry, but for every interview I read with Eric he's coming off as a bigger and bigger douche. There's this tiny part of me who'd take great pleasure in seeing how he'd react if he doesn't go through tonight.

    But then, this is about the music, and Popular is most definitely one of the best songs this year.
  6. I think the UK will e in the bottom 3... again
  7. Has anybody else put bets on? I put a £5 bet on the UK a couple of months ago at 15/1. So stand to win £75.00 should they do the business. Also, put a £2.50 each way bet on Azerbaijan, so should they land in the top 3 (4? maybe, I'm not really a betting man) which I think is almost a given, that will win me ~£33.00. I may put another small bet on tonight after tonights semi, and when the final running order is announced.
  8. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    I agree completely. He really is the new Carola in that aspect, isn't he? This interview in particular. And 95% of all the interviews regarding the Russian entry. I've seen four interviews with Alex Sparrow regarding the whole thing, and he's much more humble about it.

    I've watched that clip like 50 times and I haven't even noticed it until now!
  9. Wow. Eric Saade really is a cock! Though I had to read it through Google Translate, The bits that made sense to me just made him sound like the most insufferable git on the planet.
  10. I can't wait to have a flutter! A group of us are all going to chip in £5 but it'll be me who decides what to go on. I'll decide after tonights semi but at the moment I'm thinking:

    UK to win - we absolutely could do it!
    Sweden - either each way or win. Odds are amazing, if he qualifies and makes it to the final with a good position, then I think it could happen.
    Russia - each way I suppose, I was very impressed with the semi

    If Ireland and Sweden don't make it through I'll be really disappointed, Saturday will be so much more exciting with them in it. I'd also love Slovakia to go through, I think the song is quite similar to Azerbijans - only better.
  11. Haha they look so funny with those shoulder pads. I don't understand people who hate Jedward, their idiocy is their charm.
  12. Jedward perfoming 6th - surely they can't win from there?

    Moldova performing 15th - YESSS

    The UK is sandwiched between Switzerland and Moldova - I could not be happier.
  13. It's Sweden that are hurt most by that draw, to be honest. They have to follow Jedward, and Estonia is afterwards. Bad place to be in.

    I think it's set up nicely for Azerbaijan, to be honest.
  14. Final running order:

    1. Finland
    2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    3. Denmark
    4. Lithuania
    5. Hungary
    6. Ireland
    7. Sweden
    8. Estonia
    9. Greece
    10. Russia
    11. France
    12. Italy
    13. Switzerland
    14. United Kingdom
    15. Moldova
    16. Germany
    17. Romania
    18. Austria
    19. Azerbaijan
    20. Slovenia
    21. Iceland
    22. Spain
    23. Ukraine
    24. Serbia
    25. Georgia

    Very interesting running order. I'd say the only songs with a big chance of winning in the second half at the UK and Azerbaijan. The Azeri song is totally dull, I'll be very sad if it wins.

    Which makes me think it would well be the UK, or a big surprise...
  15. I think the draw does no favours to Hungary, Ireland, Sweden or Estonia - all performing one after another, early on. France and Azerbaijan will be quite happy I would imagine. I think Serbia could do better than expected going second last. I can't see UK even coming in top half.
  16. Will the voting be open from the beginning of the night, like the semi-finals?
  17. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    I want UK to win just cause I want to see them handling holding the final.
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