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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. I was about to post exactly the same as you, Popdorian.

    At least the big raft of shit songs will give me time to get pissed before the mediority of an Azerbaijan v France shootout for the win..
  2. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    They're bound to take out each other, aren't they? They're all competing for the same voters in a way. We'll just have to wait and see to what extent. I can't really predict which one of those four will get the higest results. Such a hard year to predict!

    I do, however, think the number one spot is between Finland and France. Unfortunately.
  3. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Oh, and I love how Norwegian media completely ignores Denmark and have put "SWEDEN IS THROUGH!" as the headlines and slant for all their Eurovision articles.
  4. Really?! They might have a good position but I really can't see Europe getting behind Finland. The same with France really, I see it as a jury favourite only. Opera has been tried before, and failed, I'm sure it'll be a brilliant performance but I can't see televoters getting behind it enough to win. Top 5 for sure though.

    I hope you're wrong! I'm very interested to see how the running order affects the results. I can't see the UK not making the top 5, can't see any song after it winning. If they do, it will be an undeserving winner in my eyes.
  5. duckface

    duckface Guest

    After actually watching the performances I'm majorly pissed Cyprus didn't go through. One of the only entries to make full use of the stage. Ireland was a lot less fun that I thought it would be. Not that exciting a performance at all. Shame.

    Oh well, at least Estonia, Denmark and Sweden went through. And Israel didn't, thank God. Dana is such an arrogant, talentless woman and she really proved it at the semi. No effort at all. And the original mix was much better, in my opinion.

    Oh, and poor Bulgaria. Should have gone through instead of Romania (speaking of which, how were they allowed in the same semi as Moldova?!)
  6. I could actually imagine Finland doing the business, which really surprised me. Just the reaction to it in the hall, how well he connected with the camera, how well it came across on TV... If he had a better draw (say, 20th after something brimming with pyros) then I'd be putting a sneaky bet on him.

    And the juries will lap it up, obviously.
  7. Unsurprisingly The Netherlands failed once again to go trough. That's the seventh time in a row we are not able to get to the final!! Apparently that's a record.

    Well anyway, last semi final was much better than the first one. I hope Estonia wins, love that song! Denmark makes me vomit.
  8. I predicted 9 out of 10 last night, got Ireland and Israel wrong - poor Dana!!!

    I can't believe Sweden haven't been kicked out for blatantly using the drum track from no less than TWO Boney M hits!! But the song is awesome.

    Georgia for the win!
  9. So what's everyones top 3 prediction for tomorrow?

    I need to work out mine for some betting at work, but really struggling!

    I'm thinking: UK, Azerbaijan... I don't know the third! Very hard.

    Not going to consider France as the betting odds are way too low.
  10. Annoyed that Belgium didn't get through, although possibly the whole concept of beatboxing in that way was a bit 'off' for Eurovision audiences. Still, I'd hoped the jury votes might have saved it. One of my favourites, hope that Witloof Bay record an album.

    No Dana! I'm very surprised, really thought she'd sail through. The Final is now 25% less fun.

    Thankfully Sweden made it through. I'd very much like Mr Saade to win if the UK doesn't. Jedward winning is very unlikely but would be hilarious, for all the wrong reasons. I also don't know how big their profile is in Europe.

    Lena's song is brilliant, but too subtle for Eurovision and lacks an OOMPH chorus.

    Maybe I'm just getting my hopes up but the UK could potentially bag it. I'd love it to happen.
  11. Is there a Eurovision scorecard I can download from anywhere online!?!
  12. Aha! Just realised what the Danish entry reminds me of - a slowed down version of Daydream Believer by the Monkees!
  13. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Delighted about the reaction to Jedward, I hope we win!
  14. Last night was the better semi final. Most of my favourites went through but I was sad about Dana not making it, also thought she'd sail through.

    Eric Saade was great as usual, Estonia was a nice surprise and I really want them to be top ten tomorrow. The highlight of the night though was of course Jedward, they were hilarious! I went from singing along to staring blankly at the screen and bursting with laughter about ten times in three minutes. They are amazing, don't ask me where they get their energy from though.

    Can't wait for the final!
  15. I wasn't really surprised it got knocked out in a strong semi-final. I do like the song, but it didn't survive the English translation that well (I preferred it beforehand) and the stage presentation was pretty atrocious. There were moments when the camera caught the singer and he wandered off in another direction. Very odd.

    I'd have had Netherlands qualify in 2005 (honestly thought Glennis Grace would win the whole thing when I saw her semi-final performance) and last year. Know I'm fairly alone in this, but I LOVE Sha-La-Lie!
  16. Eric Saade manages to increase his twat-ness (yes, I made that up right now) by whining about being announced last. Which I couldn't care less about, HOWEVER: Jan Ola Sand basically confirmed in an interview today with Aftonbladet that the order in which the envelopes are opened isn't as random as they want you to believe - surprise, surprise.

    "Somebody has to be last... was a big thing for Sweden that they were eliminated in the semifinal last year, I know many people have talked about it, and that it would have been very disappointing for Sweden if they didn't qualify again and then I thought you could increase the excitement."

    Hm. Is it just me or does it seem a bit weird, almost damaging, to announce the order as random and then basically confirm that they chose it manually? Call me old-fashioned, but I wouldn't mind seeing physical envelopes in the hands of the hosts being shuffled around before opened (although I can imagine physical envelopes having a specific order in which to open them as well, but still).
  17. duckface

    duckface Guest

    That reminds me of the infamous incident during the 2004 semifinal, when the host picked one specific card and moved it back. The media was all over how it was an "obvious" attempt to piss off Greece and Cyprus by making them wait!

    I don't understand why they can't make it random. I can't see a scenario where we'd all be sure of who the last envelope was. Eurovision is inherently shocking.
  18. By the way, what was the song before the envelopes 'reveal' that was put in background to show the 'Eurovision collage'? It went something along the likes of "Say a eeeee"
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