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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. "Wonderful" by Gary Go.
  2. Thanks! I thought it was a brilliant song to end the voting.
  3. I don't see how it matters. The same 10 were through regardless of what order it was called out in. The main reason they explain it's a "random order" is because they're not announced in order of who got the most votes.

    And keeping popular (or unpopular) entries to be announced last is the oldest trick in the book. It was done when Popstars chose between Javine and Sarah, it was done when Katie Waissel wasn't evicted again, it was done when Wagner was kept in over more popular acts. It builds a bit of tension and is brilliant television.
  4. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Maybe they did it just to piss Eric off as his twat-ness [(C) KamikazeHeart] had reached new levels and everyone was aware of it. "Let's give the dickhead a heart attack."
  5. In that particular case Sarah and Javine were 5th & 6th in the voting though weren't they? The voting lines were still open. I know because I remember voting for Sarah during the adverts when only the 2 of them were still left.

    But I agree with your point; if it makes great television why the heck not?! Last year when it was obvious the majority of the arena was most wanting Hera Björk to qualify, you know that's why they were announced last.
  6. So the new way of announcing votes based on who's won to make it more exciting, is coming into affect tonight?

    I don't suppose it matters either way but it's going to be weird seeing a country take the lead early on, wondering if they actually have no chance of winning, it's just been manipulated to look that way.

    Also....I can't believe it's tonight!!
  7. What new way of announcing votes?
  8. Broadcaster will work out who's won then decide an order for countires announcing their votes which will make the whole process more exciting, trying to prevent 1/2 countries being in front all the way through. Thats how I understand it anyway!
  9. Oh cool, I did kinda enjoy the old way though. Hoping people could make a comeback and take the top spot at the last minute was the best thing about results.
  10. The new system is stupid. Making the winner less obvious is great but they completely defeated the purpose of the new system by telling us about it. Now if someone begins to run away with it at the beginning we will know they have no chance and then will watch in boredom as several nations "miraculously" catch up to them. But whatever.

    What do we think Lena's chances of victory are?
  11. Is Lena even in the running? I didn't think they'd want to win two years in a row...
  12. Yeah, she's Germanys entry again.

    She's my favourite again so I hope she wins, but I doubt she will.
  13. MY hope is she will be in the running, but that'a a completely personal opinion. But there's not much hype about the song, more the fact that she's defending the title.

    Meanwhile I think the song stands out, and therefore has a shot. Only the genre doesn't have a great appeal to the generel public. Long story short: It's gonna be difficult for her!
  14. Who is favourite this year? I don't keep up with all that stuff.
  15. France. By a big margin.
  16. The opera singer? Well I guess that's better than some talentless eastern European winning from political tactics.
  17. Reports from Düsseldorf are that the performance comes across spectacularly on camera, and I'd say she has as much of a shot as the 6-7 other hotly tipped entries.
  18. That's good news!
  19. I think the vast majority of the general public does not know about it... That's what you get for reading spoilers.
  20. The following polls...

    ESCtoday Final Poll

    ESCtoday all 43 participants Poll

    ESCchat (or similar) final Poll

    ...predict UK to win!

    Just put my bets on...all the win - UK, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Sweden. Fingers crossed!
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