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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. I'm confused. Why are the Australians voting?
  2. the Aussie vote is nothing to do with the real's a bit of fun organised by the tv channel that shows Eurovision down under...and it's heavily biased towards the various immigrant communities down there like Greece and the former Yugoslavian states
  3. Can someone tell me why in particular loads of Yugoslavians decided to migrate to Australia (besides the obvious reasons)?
  4. Hardly. It's that kind of attitude which promotes bloc voting. And it's not like Jedward got 12 from the UK, simply because they are Irish.
  5. Haha, point taken. But I mean more as we gave Jedward 12, they are an incredibly familiar act in the UK, surely the same should have gone for Blue in Ireland? Didn't they give us 5, or 6?

    I looked a total idiot at my Euovision party... "DON'T PANIC GUYS! We'll definitely get big ones from Ireland!!". Cringe.
  6. I think I read at that they voted after the semi-finals, but prior to the final.

    I've listened to the greeek song a couple of times. The thing I don't get is the rap part and the chorus...

  7. Quite. The UK does like to have its cake and eat it when it comes to neighbourly voting. We expect Ireland to vote for us, but then fully expect to be outraged by the other 40 sets of votes.

    I think the UK got 6 points from Ireland, and I'd predict that was made up of a sizeable televote, but nothing much (if at all) from the Irish jury.

    There is usually some overlap between the televote and the jury vote, but the only event in which a country could get 12 points solely from a televote is if the 10 countries on both lists were completely different to eachother and made up of 20 different countries (unlikely in the final when there are only 25 countries to vote for, or 24 if you're in the final). In that instance the televote would take priority over the jury vote.

    There is traditionally always a massive Irish vote for Lithuania, so I'd expect that they perhaps topped the televote. The UK could conceivably have got the second highest televote in Ireland but still only end up with 6 points.

    Last year Niamh Kavanagh won the UK televote, but only received 7 points in total as she didn't figure at all in the UK jury list.
  8. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I'm Greek and I don't get the Greek love. The chorus is okay but it's not catchy, and as far as melodramatic Greek balladry goes there are at least three better ones in the charts at a time.
  9. We were going to give you twelve, but we deducted 6 for the counties you owe us.

    (Honestly, I've been told that the Blue dress rehearsal was awful, and that's where the judges based their votes on. So, you may have done quite well in the public vote).
  10. How much did Ireland give Poland? I would have thought we were 'allies' in a sense but I don't think they scored us particularly high at all.
    This is a chart of the supposed voting blocs, and the blog it came from is ridiculously detailed and outraged about it which makes for tiresome reading.
  11. We got one point from them in the final. I dunno what we gave them, semi-final breakdowns haven't been released yet, I think anyway.
  12. Does that map have Greece as "Former Soviet"?!
  13. It just means that Greece tends to vote for are former Soviet countries. Neither Ireland nor the UK could be described at Baltic but apparently that's who we vote for and they us.
  14. Ireland didn't vote on first semi-final, on which Poland performed. Poland gave 1 point to Ireland in final.
  15. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Haha, that was my first thought. But it makes sense, especially Cyprus and Israel, both of which have big communities from formerly Soviet countries (in Cyprus mostly Armenians and Russians); I'm guessing Greece is included because of its links with Armenia and Cyprus.

    I still don't understand why Cyprus has been giving a lot of votes to Azerbaijan lately. Not only do we have a lot of Armenians, but diplomatically Azerbaijan is very, very unpopular. Last year I was watching Eurovision at a bar in Nicosia and there was almost a bloody riot when we gave 10 points (or 8?) to Safura.
  16. I was there and I thought Blue sounded so good in the arena, the chorus in particular was great. I ended up loving Estonia but she sang it really badly at both the Jury Final and the Grand Final. Many of the songs that went down well at the arena just didn't up getting many points, like Hungary. Don't know why there was so much love for Italy.
    As for John & Edward, they weren't hilarious, they were just good. At the moment they are no1 on Irish, Swedish, German and Austrian itunes charts, the real winners.
  17. Eric is climbing up the charts in Denmark, and so is Ell/Nikki. I'm actually impressed by that. Usually nobody gives a hoot about the songs. Though Lena went straight to #1 last year. I see the link between our voting and how the songs are doing chartwise.

    And good news for the brits. BBC had great ratings and the media are positive about Blue and their result. They (Blue) on the other hand have fallen for the notion that only the number of neighbours count in the competition.
  18. Not sure where else to post this, we don't seem to have a Eurovision General Chat thread (probably for the best) -- but I just discovered this article in the New Yorker (a stodgy American magazine). It's a bit of a long read, and it's from 2010, but I find American press coverage of an event that America doesn't much care about as a whole (except for us random people!) to be very interesting.

    Read it here.
  19. It was hilariuos at first. I really laughed hard. But then he lost me somewhere between neighbour voting and european pop music being altogether awfull inside of and outside of the contest.

    I suppose there was a reason why he left Europe. But interesting to read an "outsider's" opnion. And let's face it, he's not completely off in his description of the show, the fandom and the music. But that's why we love it, and that's why it's so important!

    It leads me to ask: In Denmark the songs for Eurovision are not typical for the music that is written, composed, published ad bought by the danish people. It differs a lot (less in this years contest) from the mainstream music. Is that the case in other countries as well? I think Sweden is very different...
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