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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. How do you go about getting tickets for the show?
  2. They tend to go on sale online around February and sell out within half an hour. Start checking around then for news of when they go on sale. You'll need to be glued to a computer at 8am in the morning and even then they can get snapped up before you manage to get one. A Final ticket will cost around £150.
  3. £150!! Oh my goodness. I thought it would be more £60-£70, that is an awful lot. Better start saving now I guess!
  4. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I've just seen an interview with the Walloon lady in charge of Eurovision here next year and I actually have to admit that her whole reasoning for songs on the internet not falling under the 1st of October rule makes sense. The rules now state that a song can't be commercially released or have been performed in public. She argues that having a song for free on the internet isn't 'performing' it in public. Apparently the EBU are looking into adapting the rules to make them clear on the issue of internet.
  5. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Multiple newspapers and sites here in Belgium are saying NDR have officially confirmed Lena as the German entry for 2011!
  6. duckface

    duckface Guest

    If I was her I wouldn't go near ESC again...
  7. I read that Mika is in talks to write the british ESC entry for next year.
  8. Oh God. I want a name performer, not necessarily a name writer. Did Joe Public read or even care who wrote Satellite?

    I refuse to believe if the BBC put their name and weight behind really courting a name performer for 2010 that they couldn't get someone willing to take a chance on it.

    Morrissey wanted to do it. Start there and build bridges. If that falls on its arse, don't give up. It's an opportunity to perform your new single in front of 100+ million people. It honestly doesn't matter about winning so long as you can hold your head high and be proud of your song and your performance.

    By not dealing with the "what have I got to lose" questions they give the impression that there is everything to lose. But really, Eurovision hasn't ever killed a 'name' career that wasn't already dying anyway. Last time the UK sent a genuinely established star with any degree of career continuity was Sonia, and by 1993 she'd had a bit of distance since her last significant hit, and most former PWL acts (who weren't Kylie) were taking a nosedive. It didn't kill Sonia's career off; it gave it another album.

    So really, this whole idea of the poison chalice is complete myth. Can't someone somewhere squash it?!
  9. Charley

    Charley Staff Member


    The 3JS are confirmed to represent The Netherlands in Germany!

    All three members have a name that starts with J (hence the band name) and here's what their most recent hit sounds like.

    It seems that once again The Netherlands are going for something very 'Dutch', but opting for a (local) big artist this time. This is pretty much guaranteed to go number one in The Netherlands, but I wonder how it'll do at Eurovision. I'm curious to see if they'll stick to singing in Dutch on the night itself!
  10. I like the 3JS. As long as they do what they're good at and write a song that doesn't stray away from their usual sound, I'm happy.
  11. I heard a good bit of their stuff last week actually, they're pretty enjoyable so I'm happy to hear they'll be there. Agree with Ice Cream Skies, I'd rather they stick with their own sound, and I think it'll work well.

  12. I'm guessing the hope is that Mika will write the song and perform it, that would be a real coup, no?

    Totally agree with you about the poison chalice myth thing. I blame ALW for that, he's the one that termed it that back in 09, but look at that though hasn't done him any harm nor Jade so it can be done.

    I think getting one of the girls from Girls Aloud to do it would probably be good given the right song. Although having said that i can only see Kimberly going for it as Chezza and NAdine have got their own things going on and i can imagine Sarah and Nicola wouldn't be bothered. But if it was something like "Memory of you" (For non GA followers, this was a Kimberly lead dancey/snythy b-side of theirs) i'd be ecstatic!

  13. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  14. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Kimberley holding her own for two and half minutes, singing live and probably dancing too?

    Nil points!
  15. much as i want to disagree with you, i fear you might be right, ho hum.

    she'd nail the dancing though, no question.
  16. I remember that Rumour. I Think the performace as the interval act proved that Elena could do the double with Mambo...She was just there to show everyone else how it was done!!!
  17. Wow this rumour completely passed me by. That would have been awesome, however not too sure if they'd have done the double with it. Let's not forget that Anna Vissi was supposedly doing that and she only came something like 9th. No matter who was there for Greece in 06 i don't think anything could have stopped the Lordi machine. Having said that think Elena would have given them a run for their money.

    Might have to listen to mambo now...
  18. Mambo completely whups the tush of My Number One (ew, sorry; unfortunate juxtaposition of words there). Didn't Terry Wogan interrupt the UK streaming (no change there then!) during that performance to say that she was just proving she could do it again if she really wanted to?

    It was epic. Seem to recall she mimed it though...

    Speaking of interval songs which could have won, would Madcon have stood a chance this year?
  19. Yes Mambo was mimed...Just like all the interval acts...the only live vocals are the participants...I also recall Terry playing Mambo! when it was released as a single in the UK
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