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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

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    Eleni doesn't have that great a live voice though, does she?

    I'd like something a little less formulaic this year. Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Rallia...

    Or just Tamta, so we can get some votes from all the Russian-domain countries.
  3. Charley

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    The article I read also mentioned Ivi Adamou and Antigoni Psihrami.
  4. Does anyone have any tips or advice for guaranteeing getting tickets to the final in Germany? A little early I know, just DETERMINED to get there next year!

    Does anyone think it's worth joining the OAGE group who claim to have give members the chance to buy tickets before the general public?
  5. (This is slightly off-topic, but it feels like a better shot at asking here than Q&A, if the mods feel it's too irrelevant, go ahead and delete this.)

    Is there any online CD store which is good at Eurovision-related music? Specifically, I've been looking for Lovebugs' compilation. It is available at their official store, but quite expensive with shipping, so I just thought I'd ask first.
  6. It's too late to join the UK OGAE fan club and get tickets for 2011. Join this year and you'd qualify for tickets in 2012 (it's a draw for tickets that you pay for (ie tickets aren't free) guarantee of one as there are usually more members wanting tickets than there are tickets available.
    Apart from buying tickets on ebay the other way to get tickets is this:
    book a day off work, be in front of a computer at 8am the day the tickets go on sale and join the mad scramble for tickets. Final tickets normally sell out within 30-60 minutes and cost up to £120, semi tickets there's no rush. It pays to have other friends on their computers too to increase your chances of getting through. Tickets normally go on sale Jan/Feb, sometimes as late as March. Start checking in the New Year for details of ticket sales.

    Good luck!
  7. and judging by the ads on this page for hotels in Dusseldorf we can safely conclude the show won't be in Berlin next May!
  8. Thanks for the tips!

    Seems a bit late to be deciding the host city, doesn't it?
  9. [/quote] Thanks for the tips!

    Seems a bit late to be deciding the host city, doesn't it?

    Yes it's very late and they finally announced today it's Dusseldorf. The delay was down to doubts about Berlin's bid (which involved building a big plastic bubble onto a hangar at Berlin's old airport!) and Dusseldorf's negotiations with its football team about booting them out of their stadium for the weeks prior to Eurovision.
    A tip if you're thinking of going. Stay in Cologne 30 mins train ride away. Hotels in Dusseldorf are now asking sky high prices (there's a big trade fair on in town during Eurovision week so accommodation is at a premium).
  10. It seems that the first tickets might be going on sale as early as 4 weeks time... keep checking
  11. Ooh exciting! I'm thinking this is all going to get ridiculously expensive isn't it....good tip staying on Cologne.
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  13. Theo in Hurts says:

    Should we take this seriously?
  14. Charley

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    Didn't Vasilios once say they're huge in Greece or am I making that up?

    Wikipedia says they also did well in Switzerland and I know they are allowing international performers this year.
  15. duckface

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    Wonderful Life was huge. Not once have I heard Better Than Love or Stay on the radio, though...
  16. jtm


    Switzerland has chosen, and it is once again an embarassement.

    Here's the song, it's called "In Love For A While" by Anna Rossinelli:

    It just drags on and on and is probably the most boring song of the year. I actually waited for the chorus the whole time, but I guess there is none.
  17. Really? They've had one of the best runs of songs in Eurovision; they just come unstuck with their semi-final performances.
  18. I've just watched Switzerland's national final, and to be honest, all the tracks were completely abysmal, it really didn't matter which one they chose, as they'd be picking a stinker anyway. The only marginally good song was that 'Just Me' song by Sarah Burgess, but she couldn't sing at all, so it sounded shit on the night. I agree, 'In Love For A While', while it wasn't the worst of the night, is very boring, and another dull acoustic guitar middle-of-the-road song we have to put up with seeing in Eurovision. Such a shame.
  19. I honestly don't mind it so much, and I can see how they got to this place. A pre-contest uptempo favourite with vampires couldn't make the final. A killer ballad with a great hook which builds into an uptempo epic couldn't make the final. A credible piece of stadium-sized indiepop couldn't make the final. A retro discotheque stomper couldn't make the final.

    Really, where had Switzerland's Eurovision efforts got left to go but a plodding, lilting, acoustic thing?
  20. Charley

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