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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Celine? Pff, it was all about DJ Bobo.
  2. What? then I doubt Soraya have a chance for Spain.
  3. Albania have now chosen. Do they usually have their final on Christmas Day?

    Anyhoo song is 'Kënga ime' and will be sung by Aurela Gaçe

    No doubt it will be translated into English and beefed up somewhat before May but personally for me it's a bit 'meh'. Really hoping 2011 isn't a crap year for the contest.

  4. We're only 2 songs in and this year there could be a record number of entries.

    For me: Switzerland: A massively less catchy Deeply Dippy.

    Albania: Great voice and a not bad song which I'm sure will be transformed into something rather fabulous come May. It's All About You was about 40% as good at this point ahead of the 2010 contest.

    I'd love to point to Romania's New Year's Eve selection as something to look forward to but it's a bit meh. No stand out but the 11th song Take Me Down by Ralisa is my fave on 2 listens. Apparently Niamh Kavanagh and Chiara will be popping up though. Hurrah! I'm currently all about Banjo Girl by Lauris Reiniks in the Latvian selection.
  5. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Sonia y Selena of Yo Quiero Bailar fame are trying out again for Spain, while Yohanna ("Is it truuuuuueeeeeeee...") will be participating in the Icelandic selection!

    Meanwhile in Belgium, the deadline to collect €20.000 online is only a couple of days away. Those that have already qualified can be found here in the top list with links. I haven't heard them all yet, but there's at least one schlager song among them, if more in the German than the Swedish sense.
  6. That Albanian song has the potential to be amazing but it needs a lot of work. It sounds like a demo at the moment.
  7. Thanks for the Belgian links Charley!. Currently flipping through them. The schlager song by Hanny-D song you bookmarked is immense. I absolutely love it! It's exactly the sort of old school schlager I'd go nuts for in Melodifestivalen. Does it have any chance of winning the Belgian ticket?
  8. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Well, it's a tough call... She has things going both for and against her.

    Firstly, she's actually Flemish and not from the Walloon part of Belgium. In these political times I doubt Wallonia will choose someone from Flanders to represent Belgium. Especially when there's also a former Star Academy finalist and sympathy vote contestants like a blind 16-year-old in the running.

    Then again she's easily one of the most seasoned performers in that line-up. I'm not very familiar with the Walloon music scene (which is practically nonexistent anyway), but from what I gather for most of the finalists this is their first big thing. Hanny-D on the other hand may not be A-list in either Flanders on Wallonia, but has been touring the Flemish schlager circuit for years now. So at the very least I expect her to be able to deliver on the night itself.
  9. The Albanian song sounds like a proper mess doesn't it? Albeit with a cracking singer.

    Then again, It's All About You was beefed up like crazy before it became the epic stomper presented at Eurovision, so there is hope. And of course That Sounds Good To Me was worked upon before it became... actually, strike that.
  10. Thanks Charly! for the excellent commentary. Didn't manage to play all the songs but from what I did hear Sarina Cohn would appear to be competition.
  11. oh god that belgian song is a totally German Schlager. It's only bearable because it's French, to me... this is what that sounds like in German... One can see how it's related to Swedish schlager, but to me it's like the retarded big sis...
  12. Poor Dubovie. Couldn't even pick up enough votes to register on the PJ Readers' Poll Worst Single list.

    In ESC 2011 news, has anyone heard that potential Latvian entry about a banjo?

    Call me drunk crazy, but I think I love it.
  13. Romania has now officially chosed its song. I think it was a stupid idea to broadcast the national selection on New Year's Eve, I don't think anybody was watching it. I sure wasn't.

    Anyway, here it is:

    Eh... I should just be thankful for last year, then.
  14. Confused. I thought Man Meadow had only got close to representing Poland, and also they're not in the Swedish lineup of finalists are they?
  15. Correct, sorry, Poland. I've songs in for several countries so getting a bit confusing.
  16. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    You do? Tell us all about it!
  17. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    A definitive list of links to the Belgian entries is now online, by the way.

    There'll be a semi-final broadcast online and via radio on January 30th, with a proper tv final sometime halfway through February.

    Eurovision fans may recognise Chloé who will be competing with Just One Chance. She was in the final of Belgium's Got Talent and came second in the 2008 Belgian JESC selection with Un Nouveau Rêve.
  18. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Am I the only one who's quite annoyed with Italy? I mean, first they drop out since they're pissed off about bad results. Then they come back 14 years later and demand a place in the Big Four. Which Eurovision happily gives them.

    WHY?! Just let them sit there with their self-absorbed shit attitude and be grumpy and watch from the outside. There are enough countries already. Italy's not needed. And if they do want to join, why not do it on the same premises as everyone else? Ridiculous.
  19. I'm glad they're back, but I can see where you're coming from. My guess would be that they didn't just get handed Big Five status for being Italy; surely the whole point of the Big Four was that they were significant financial contributors... I'm guessing they had to pay their way in.

    I would have said having a guaranteed 'in' to the final wasn't necessarily a shrewd move anyway, but since Lena's win those rules have changed.
  20. GIO


    Official Turkish contestants are announced and although the public wanted women popstars like Atiye ( biggest hit # and Hande Yener ( cool gay-themed video # for ESC 11, a rock-band, formed by people in their forties chosen, which caused a disappointment --especially on twitter!.

    The band's called Yüksek Sadakat (which means 'high fidelity'). They have some cool songs, like this #

    The song will be presented in 3 weeks and will be sung in English (and I guess there'll also be a Turkish version for the single release).
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