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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. Having heard all of the songs in the Irish selection The Jedward track is by far the best.

    However i fear that them getting to Eurovision is even less of a possbility now, due to a snippet of their song being made available online before the contest (against the Irish rules) the voting is no longer 50/50 in the final. It is now public vote 33% and Juries 67% and i can imagine that juries won't go for it :(

    So once again Ireland will send something a bit timid.

    There is still an outside chance though....
  2. Where can I hear this Jedward song?
  3. Well there's a 30 second clip up on amazon (unless they've taken it down already)

    But if not go to and there should be a youtube video with a medley of the 5 songs (again 30 second snippets)
  4. Wow. The Jedward song is actually really good, I love it! I hope it gets through to the final because they will be incredible.
  5. The full song is up on the Eurovision Ireland Facebook page (along with the rest of the songs I guess). It's not that bad! I like them, they're fun and not to be taken seriously for God's sake!
  6. Whoops, forgot link:
  7. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    "Lipstick" isn't a bad song, but it's bound to sound absolutely awful live - even with good singers. With that said, the other songs aren't that good so who knows!
  8. Yes. Talking With Jennifer is an abomination. It'll probably be the one chosen.

    (Also, I hate the bullshit about "you choose the song!". 2/3rds of the votes go to the judges, they basically choose, really.)
  9. Broccoli Spears. What.
  10. I just saw Jedward's song for the first time. It actually made Dustin the Turkey look good. Fuuuuuuuuu.
  11. Disagree. Nothing will ever make the turkey look good!

    I thought it was a breath of fresh air to be honest.

    Ireland is basically in a "To Jedward Or Not To Jedward" situation tonight. Whether they do or don't win, it's still all about them; they are the story. And I just think it'd be more interesting to find out the answer as to what would happen if they actually went to the contest.

    I like the song too, and craftily it got them around having to sing. They just have to sing-talk.
  12. Shine On.

    Jog on.

    Amateur hour at karaoke night.
  13. Amazingly, there's rumours Jedward were lip-syncing... (I was actually wondering, parts of it look pretty dodgy.)
  14. Tuned in online too late and just missed the Jedward performance. Hope it will be on some sort of online catch up/YouTube later??
  15. I think Nicky Kavanagh is basically "the competition" then.

    It's sort of a poor version of Azerbaijan 2010 though.
  16. Thought the exact same, but a pretty good song. If Jedward win, and I think/hope they do, Ireland dont have a hope in hell im afraid. Europe definitely wont get the joke!!
  17. We don't have a hope in hell with any of those songs.
  18. Yeah, it's not going to happen with any of the five songs, so it's the sort of situation where you're better off just doing something that will create an interesting telly moment. Kind of like when Katie Price should have gone to Eurovision.

    It does feel like the two-thirds jury system was basically introduced to shaft that possibility right over though.
  19. I've just started watching as Jedward win!
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