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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 31, 2010.

  1. I'm really, REALLY, sorry, on behalf of Limerick/Ireland.
  2. There we go. We knew they'd get the public vote, so it was just a case of whether the jury set up would shaft them over. It didn't.

    Now we get to watch Jedward running around press conferences and confusing the shit out of the international press.

    EDIT: and I've just noticed that my 2000th post is about Jedward. Christ.
  3. I am ridiculously excited for this. I absolutely a loving this song! GO JEDWARD!
  4. Well ESC 2011 just got a WHOLE lot more fun, thats for sure!
  5. Well to be fair, Lipstick is the best song....Who picks that 5 every year anyways? I'd imagine it's really cliquey and to get your song in is quite easy if you know the right people because they're usually woeful.

    The last girl wasn't too bad by the general standard but the two gays twirling beside her really did her no favours!

    I'd actually LOVE for Britney to record Lipstick. It WOULD be immense.
  6. I just LOVE the song but I thought their mics low in the mix last night, I really wanted to hear them live but the backing singers came through a lot stronger.
    BTW, it's not a joke, it's a savage song, they are entertaining, really good to watch and they'll get out of the semis. I think Europe will like them.

    Live version of the song here if anyone is interested:
  7. I agree with all of the above. It's difficult to know at this stage just quite how well Jedward will do given that we only know 5/43 songs. But it's a hit song (and the juries are supposed to mark on the basis of whether it's a hit song) and it was well performed. It will be televoter friendly also and perhaps it was just as well that the Jedward vocals were a little low in the mix.
  8. Loving Stella Mwangi's song for Norway! This is shaping up to be a very intense year, methinks.
  9. To sound like a late-90's weed-head "totes".

    I adore it. It's just... fucking ace. And although I'm partial to Jedward for "obvious" reasons, this track really is both brilliantly them and brilliantly post 2004 eurovision.
  10. Even though I'm in a massive mood with Iceland for sending the "singer died so here's his mates" song instead of Yohanna (this isn't just nostalgia talking; I properly loved Yohanna's song this year), I still think their choice is a pleasant enough song. I just can't imagine the sentiment travelling and translating in the contest itself, so it seemed a pretty insular decision on their part.

    I'm in two minds about Belgium, veering wildly between 'jawdroppingly awful' and 'actually kind of clever'.

    Malta won't make it out of the semis.

    I can actually imagine Norway having a shot at winning if the mood in the hall at the Nordic MGP is sustained to the Eurovision arena on the night. If she gets the crowd going during the clap-along bit, the infectiousness may translate via TV and into votes.
  11. I'm hoping Malta do a re-swizzle like they have done in previous years. I want to like it but i just can't as it is at the mo.

    Norway were sensible and picked the only decent song in their final - and it is bloody infectious.

    The Belgian song has made my itunes Eurovision 2011 playlist i think it's pleasent enough, but not sure how strong a chance it's got coming out of the semi.

    I can't actually stand Finland, it's like they cloned Tom Dice and brainwashed him with a Greenpeace leaflet.

    Haven't heard Iceland, i'm going to wait and see if they translate first.
  12. Stella's performance is the main reason why her song works so well. I was in the audience in Oslo (ESC 2010) and was amazed at how well the party vibe of the French entry went down as it was a song I'd not previously rated. From memory, it did much better with televoters than juries.

    I think Stella's song is better and much better performed. I can see it going down a storm with the crowd and with a late draw, who knows? I'd love to see it win as it's my fave song chosen so far but there's still 33 more to be revealed.

    Finland's sweet but I'm struggling to be constructive about Belgium, Malta and Iceland.
  13. This is so spot on! I'm not a fan of it either.
  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Iceland's song sounds like Olly Murs. Oh dear. Hera Bjork should be the entry EVERY year until she wins.

    EDIT: Oh and it's nice that Malta are having a lesbian contestant.
  15. It's pretty much what life would be like if Cheryl Cole had a better voice isn't it?

    And what with the absence of apples and headlocks, I'm officially declaring this better than Poland 2010.
  16. When is this on?
  17. Poland has now gone top of the table for me at the mo, closely followed by Norway i think.

    Hopefully this will get translated and it will be even better, hope they don't re-swizz it too much.

    Poland had the right idea this year, as all the entires to their NF weren't composed with Eurovision in mind, but rather the local charts, which is why i think there were quite a few good contenders in this years selection as well as the overall winner.
  18. So Italy will reveal their Eurovision entry, as expected, during the final of San Remo on Saturday! And Germany and Spain choose on Friday - so we'll be getting three of the Big 5 entries this weekend. Oh, and Georgia choose on Saturday too...11 days until Super Saturday!!!
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