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Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by CopenhagenPop, May 15, 2011.

  1. Argh, I'm annoyed at myself for thinking incorrectly. Thanks for the info.

    And I'm also annoyed (although by no means surprised) at Norway for the songs they sent through to the final today. I'll just have a glittery dance party in my room to Minnie Oh's song for the next few weeks.
  2. Well we now have the full length version of the French entry

    It is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be from the clip but the production sounds cheap to me which is a shame because the chorus could have been massive but really just sounds anticlimatic.
  3. No. The danes love to get bored stiff as long as we can get some pretty and sweet girl to sing. Geez... We deserve to miss the final this year. Which we will.

  4. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Aw, contrary to previous reports Jedward have not yet been selected to represent Ireland again, but they are in the running. Here are the finalists that will be competing on tv for the spot:

    01. Maria McCool – Tears of an angel
    02. Donna McCaul – Rocket launch
    03. David Shannon & Una Gibney – Language of love
    04. Andrew Mann – Here I am
    05. Jedward – On top of the world
  5. Donna McCaul represented us in 2005 as well with her brother, they did that awful "Love?" song.
  6. I hope that's a rhetorical question, or at the very least, one that they don't answer. I really don't want/need to know Jedward's "number."
  7. Does anyone think they won't get it? I imagine there were so many moaners last year they just want to make the selection transparent.
  8. I think they win the national televote in a walk, unless there is an obvious standout great song up against it for the haters (Jaters?) to rally behind.

    The question will be whether or not the national juries are happy to fall in line again. Even though they didn't quite win the jury vote last year, they weren't far off.

    In all honesty, I suspect they've got more supporters this year than they did at this point last year because they were vindicated on the big stage at Eurovision. They got Ireland more attention, goodwill, and (crucially) votes than they'd had for a long while, and so if the song is up to scratch, why wouldn't Ireland want to repeat a "winning" formula like that? Nothing else has worked as well for them for a while...

    Jedward may be a marmite act in the UK, but they charmed the pants off Europe last year, and who doesn't want to see a Jedward international press conference again?!
  9. ^ Exactly. If the song's up to scratch, and the performance matches last year (which was incredible I feel), I see no reason why they can't go top 3 or even win.

    They were HUGE in Europe after Lipstick. Good luck to them I say!
  10. I am from the UK and absolutely detested Jedward until Eurovision. By the time it was over I had warmed to them hugely.

    Best career move yet for them. I'm not sure how this year will pan out it all depends on the song.

    Can anyone give a quick summary of which countries have already chosen/what stage they are at/what are the confirmed entries?
  11. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  12. I like Jedwards track alot.
  13. Jedward = terrible!! SO disappointing. After Lipstick, then a really quite excellent album, this is just total tripe.

    Donna MacCaul is almost passable, but all these are incredibly weak.
  14. I think I unironically love Jedward's track. Fucking hell, they need to stop pulling this!
  15. Couldn't agree more. Lipstick was just AMAZING, it stood out in a sea of mediocrity & the album was decent. Something like Everyday Superstar would have been a great ESC entry this year. Waterline doesn't hold any interest for me, it's like a bad version of 'When You're Looking Like That' and that was a rubbish song to begin with. I much prefer Donna's song, i'm gutted because I love Jedward and wanted to love their Eurosong entry.
  16. I've been listening to the Jedward track all day and am slightly in love with it. It is a rehash of One Direction/Busted/When You're Looking Like That, and it's lacking a decent bridge, but it's still catchy as hell and bloody good!
  17. Songs and performer already unveiled:
    Denmark, Malta, Switzerland, Albania, Cyprus, France.
    Tonight (Sat.) Hungary, Iceland and Norway will be added to the list.
    More details of where we're at with all the countries are at:
  18. Norway, Iceland and Hungary all chose very well tonight; all three are better than pretty much anything sent last year.

    Although I find the Icelandic guy more pleasant to look at than the Norwegian.
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