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Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Charley, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I'd quite like it if the UK are going to carry on with how they're doing it at the moment, that the person representing us gets a documentary or something that can go out on the BBC primetime on a Saturday night, following the process of how the artist/song was selected, and how the artist is preparing for the competition etc. We just need something to build some interest in the general public of the UK before the song contest.

    If Molly's song had at least become a hit in the UK, then perhaps other artists would consider it a viable option to get their song out there.

    Not the best video though.
  3. K3 is from Belgium.. well 2/3 of them is now.
  4. UK centric post here, but it looks like the Netherlands song may be top ten at the end of the week, with Conchita top fifteen. That's a step up from previous years.

  5. I thought Euphoria was top 5 in UK in 2012?
  6. Yes Euphoria peaked at 3 in the UK and sold over 200,000 copies in the UK alone.
  7. I'm still not over Euphoria, 2 years later... It's that good.
  8. Her whole album is great. Euphoria, My Heart is Refusing Me and We Got the Power are my jams.
  9. Yeah, I picked it up but was a little sad it wasn't just Euphoria x 12. But I grew to love most of it.
  10. I suppose my point was that two songs from the weekend had connected with the UK public. But yes, two years ago the winning song was a hit.
  11. It's definitely an album that benefits from repeated listens. It's amazing. Sidewalk is my favourite
  12. Am I missing something? Molly was 10 in the UK midweeks but she's charted at 23?
  13. I am not surprised that the sales were almost entirely in the few days after the contest.

    Also, The Common Linnets got to 9, the first top 10 for a non-winning, non-UK entry since 1974 and only the fourth ever.
  14. Yes, her sales dropped off massively very early in the week. If I'm not mistaken, she was already out of the top 40 on iTunes by the end of the week.
  15. Hilarious, and not surprising.

    Is there anyone else here to thinks 2004 was the best year? I love almost all songs, and there so many unbelievably good songs.

    Great interview, but they certainly could have chosen a different angle, those plugs and sockets behind Conchita....
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  16. That was the year Ukraine won i think. The UK entry was James Fox. I can't say I remember many songs from that one being good. I think 2012 was one of the strongest years ever.
  17. I loved 2009: Charlotte Perelli, Euroband, Hind...; 2012 and 13 were good too.
  18. I agree! Charlotte, Euroband, Kalomira, Ani Lorak, Sirusho... All glorious.
    (it was 2008, though)
  19. K94


    Apart from the UK putting out an woefully shit entry, 2010 is defnitely my favourite year of recent memory. Some actually amazing songs rather than amazing in a Eurovision context.
  20. 2012 is definitely my favourite year!
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