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Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WowWowWowWow, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Ditto.
  2. A Million Voices is great, and the staging was very pretty. Heroes was better, though.
  3. Eurovision Song Contest Draws Almost 200 Million Viewers

    Crazy stuff:

  4. I found all three front-runners (Italy, Russia, and Sweden) absolutely mediocre.
  5. I love that, in the article DoggySwami posted, the writer says "[t]he audience data is based on people who tuned in for at least one minute." If only we knew how many tuned in for more than a minute! Haha. I just have visions of 50 million people going "Ehhh, maybe not."

    It would be interesting to see data regarding the various streaming options -- I watched on YouTube, so I don't know if the standard stream on was available. SVT's stream was also open... surely not 200 million people tuning in online, of course, but probably a pretty decent number!
  6. The old lady in me is quite fond of Italy, they'd probably come around 7th in my personal rank.
  7. Same... but what does that say about the selection of songs this year?!
  8. HRH


    I just want to say that I am still livid that Latvia did not win and that Belarus did not make it to the final.
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  9. That Belarus song was infinitely better than some of the other dross that got through but the first semifinal was really competitive and the staging was pretty boring.
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  10. HRH


    I agree, the staging was a bit bleh. I have similar thoughts re:Netherlands, which was actually one of my favorites until I saw it performed live...
  11. Is anyone going to Mans' London concert in September?
  12. We really like to make our performances as boring as possible it seems. I want dancers and pyrotechnics and crazy ice dancers or something. It's Eurovision!
  13. Sorry to dig this up, but got this back online!
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  14. Why are many ESC albums like the 2015 one no longer on streaming services?
  15. The rightsholders didn’t have the ability to put the songs online themselves so they entered a fixed term distribution deal with Universal Music. Those fixed terms have now concluded so unless the rightsholders negotiate an extension, the release comes down. Was the same with Poli Genova and Polina Gagarina (though with the latter they were able to self release).
  16. Ah, ok. Silly, as the 2006 and 2016-2019 albums are still on there. Oh well, I buy the CD's every year, so hopefully the EBU will continue to do so
  17. Oh wow I'm posting in the wrong thread lol x
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