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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. Imagine San Marino having the nerve to mention a social network site in their song.
  2. You should educate yourself on how shit that song's lyrics are. (smileys here, so that you know I'm mad at Hadise, not you)
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  3. 3:50
    ‘Do they know Mummy is a big star?’
    ‘I’m never going to be a big star...’
    ‘Why do you say that?!’
    ‘Why would I?’


  4. When SuRie mentioned that Blanche was working on an album in her wiwi interview

  5. I cannot with these wiwibloggs junior reporter 101 questions,overly animated facial expressions, yas queening, and desperately trying to build rapport with the competitors.

  6. FYR Macedonia are still the best of the bunch for me. Lost and Found just gets better and better with each listen.
    excuse the blasphemy but it might even top Dance Alone
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  7. Its far and away my favourite too
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  8. The contest theme is giving me The Sims neighbourhood music and I'm living.


    *hangs sad clown painting in Mikolas Josef's dressing room and deletes the only door*
  9. When We're Old is beautiful, one of my favourites at the moment. It's a shame it'll get lost and has no chance of qualifying.
  10. I wish SuRie had a better song... she's absolutely iconic on Twitter and in interviews. We love a positive British ambassador for Eurovision.
  11. Me deleting Hungary from the EBU's database if they send yet another terrible and/or ESC-inappropriate song in 2019

  12. The difference though is that Francesco's song was pretty lame if you ask me, or maybe like somewhat boppy at most. Not only is Toy a total bop, but it's also very smart to write it about female empowerment after the whole #metoo-movement and to be a body positive singer. Plus I don't necessarily like the chicken sound but it's the gimmick a lot of people are looking for in a Eurovision winner (hence the succes of Hey, Mamma! & Yodel it! last year). I wished she'd use her loop station more though, now it just seems like separate intro to her song.

    It's not that I'm rooting for her that bad, but ATM I honestly couldn't think of any other song that could win this year, except if Benjamin would french Felix on stage as a coming-out or Sennek magically masters the chorus of her song and gets an amazing staging.

    I'm curious about y'alls winner predictions.

  13. Miss Fame found rotting btw

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  14. [​IMG]
  15. I can't remember the last time I both cringed and bopped to a song like I do with "Toy".
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  16. The new We Are The World looks lit.
  17. Nn not SuRie finding a way to win Eurovision after all

  18. Je suis née en 1989 en Harlow
    Je m'appelle

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