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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. Hmm “this year” is a funny way of saying “pretty much every year since 2010” but that’s none of my business.
  2. This Mandinga, Paula Seling and Ilinca slander is NOT appreciated

  3. Me when I hear the “lyrics” Yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleioo yodele yodeleioo, yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleioo yodele yodeleioo:


  5. Some Portuguese fans seem super irritated that they're installing a projector on the stage structure for the delegations who are using one. What did they expect?

    A lot of people seemed to believe that having an LED-less stage would "put the focus solely on the music" but I never believed that. If anything, having an LED system evens the playing field more. Without screens, countries have to spend time thinking of other tricks they can play to grab people's attention. Plus richer countries can afford to bring in expensive props in order to stand out while poorer countries will be screwed.
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  6. [​IMG]

  7. Alekseev saying that he's never met his dad and hopes that he sees him perform at Eurovision so he can be proud and finally meet him

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  8. All of my 'yes'

  9. Honestly this looks like a stone cold mess. The moment the viewers/juries see her doing those chicken moves in a dress like that it's game over for her.
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  10. I've resigned myself to Israel running away with this year's contest.

    RIP my dreams of attending in 2019
  11. Please no
  12. I think it's an easy top 10, maybe top 5 but I really can't see it winning. People hearing the song for the first time on the final probably won't 'get' it. I know it took me about five listens to like it at all.
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  13. Hmm I do wonder if Netta will share a similar fate to Occidentali's Karma last year. Or maybe that's just me hoping she does.

    I've noticed a similar sort of trajectory already... lots of hype before the contest, talk of it being a runaway winner, winning OGAE poll after OGAE poll, impressing at the parties, non-Eurovision fans posting the song/video on social media etc.

    Watch Tu canción win now dddd.
  14. Oh and I watched Eurovision 2007 last night and it was TERRIBLE.

    I'm so glad the jury vote came back.
  15. The 100% televoting years of Eurovision were dark, dark times.

  16. So underrated this year. I really hope she makes it to the final.
  17. ESC 2007 should have already had two semifinals, as a semifinal of 28 countries for 10 spots (plus all the diapsora/neighbouring televoting bias) was unsustainable. Not to mention that in the 2004/07 era there were plenty of direct finalists (and I'm not even talking about the big 4!) that had no business being there and were stealing the places of much more deserving songs who were left stranded in the semifinal.
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  18. Oh lord, I didn't do that much digging but it explains why the collection of 24 songs was horrific.
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