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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. He can kiss me whenever he wants actually
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  2. I might be reading too much into it but the fact that Finland isn’t paying for Saara’s co-writers to attend Eurovision worries me. If YLE had a lot of faith in Saara, they probably wouldn’t hesitate to send the Debs. It makes me think that they don’t like her planned stage production for Lisbon at all and have lost hope. Watch it be another confusing, busy stage show.
  3. I mean c’mon as much as I like Saara, monsters is never going to win it. They’re probably just being cost effective.
  4. I was talking more about qualifying vs. winning but I agree.
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  5. I'm sure Bridge Troll will take the opportunity to attend with Christabelle.

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  6. I just realized that Alexander’s return to Eurovision is all Måns and Petra’s fault. If they hadn’t dragged him onstage to play the violin during “Love Love Peace Peace,” he wouldn’t have been reminded of the steps needed to create a Eurovision performance. And 2 years later he unleashed that sonic abortion.

    But oh god I’m kind of into the shirtless photo save me Jesus
  7. Also before anyone tries to come for me, my lack of taste and standards has been widely demonstrated and recognized all over the forum, so feel free to save your keystrokes.
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  8. I blame Clara Henry.
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  9. Let's not forget R*bak has been stinking up every national final with Fairytale for the past 9 years so I guess it was inevitable that he'd try it again. It's kind of telling he chose such a weak MGP year to compete.
  10. How did I only just clock that Yianna is top 10 in the betting odds despite not performing at any of the preview shows? All off the back of the video, a 20-second insta clip of live vocals and a 10 second message shown at Israel calling??

    Greek excellence[​IMG]
  11. I know, i suddenly started stanning, but 10 seconds into the video for the song I grew a clitorus so that was the end of that!
  12. Us when a Eurovision-casual calls That's How You Write A Song a bop in May.

  13. With bonus violence

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  14. More like
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  15. And how cute is this UK/France crossover?

  16. and Tu Cancion is #11

  17. HRH


    Waittttt... does this mean the backing dancers will also be singing? This can only be very good or very, very bad.
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