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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. Same here, given up on trying for tickets. Will just enjoy the atmosphere of Lisbon!
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  2. Who wants to stand in a live show for 5 hours anyway?
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  3. With you there sis.
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  4. Perhaps it's just because I spent so long watching Eurovision on a laptop screen, but having been in the arena for a final and also watching another final on a big screen nearby, honestly I felt the same excitement and engagement in both venues. Granted I wasn't on ground level, so the people on screen were bigger than the real people from far away, but it was not an issue for me. Just trying to co-sign on the "you can still have fun even if you're not 'properly' there" thing.

    Maybe Lisbon could consider what Stockholm did--in addition to Euro Club and Euro Village, they had an entire other arena showing the broadcast and also had special guest performers.
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  5. The songs of Estonia 2018's first semfinal: Stig's songs sounds a bit like Ireland 2015 and Desirée and Elina Nechayeva are the clear standouts to me.

    EDIT: Semfinal 2 songs are also out

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  6. Got tickets (for the family show, grand final way to expensive!!) through the 'back door' route: the Worten website, as the Blueticket site was utter cr*p
  7. the only song that matters from estonia
  8. First song chosen and Albania picking a male soloist for the first time since 2006.

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  9. I can't wait to see how Albania butcher yet another entry by haphazardly translating it into English...

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  10. Me finding out we have the first chosen song of the new Eurovision season:


    Me about to hit the play button:


    Me 30 seconds in:

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  12. A&E


  13. Great times.

    I loved her song Congratulations.
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  14. Don't miss anything my friends:

  15. San Marino's song selection process continues to be an amusing mess:


  16. I just found out that I'm stuck with a bad job
    But the judge in me, she know how to choose a good act

    Are Neon Hitch references too niche? (Yes.)
  17. Dear Lithuania, please send this:
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  18. Based on first listens, I need insurance for me and my loved ones.
  19. Just finished listening to all the Maltese entries. ”Supernovas” or ”Back To Life” needs to win even though I think they’ll struggle in Eurovision! I agree with you completely, @P Grandson.

    Why is Aidan in two of the entries? Is it because he stands out, just like his ears? I’m officially confused because in the ”We Can Run” video, they make it seem like Avenue Sky is a boyband trio but there are more than three guys in the video at different times. One of them looks exactly like Aidan. (I re-watched it just focusing on ears and it’s definitely him in some shots … then there is another guy?!?) I’m almost willing to pay the person who can explain this because I don’t get it. Too bad I don’t have Mapfre MSV Life insurance because I’m currently dying to know the answer to this question.

    Also, so there is a girl and a boy singing a love duet. Their act is called Dwett. Dwett. I see what they did there and it’s so Eurovision that I don’t know whether to stan or taunt. It’s giving me a headache.

    Knowing Maltese taste, ”Beyond Blue Horizons” or ”Song For Dad” will probably win. This is also confusing me.
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