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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. I live for Sylvia that staged meltdown was amazing. I know it word for word.
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  2. The snippets from France sound promising. Loving these three:

  3. That instrumental goes off, too bad it would probably get cut out for the Eurovision edit.
  4. I like this one, it gives a me "Golden boy" - vibe! Can easily see this in Lisboa.
  5. The latest rumours say that ESC 2018 will have four (!) female hosts, one of them being Daniela "Kensi Blye" Ruah.
  6. It's what we deserve after the dire all-male trio last year.
  7. HRH


    Worthy successors to my fave host line-up -- Conchita and the Sugababes!

  8. Apparently one of the contenders for France is a blind singer with a very dull song. I am already in mourning for Reve de Gamin and I only heard it a few hours ago.
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  9. It’s so odd because France was once like the UK and would enter terrible entries year after year that would go nowhere and be close to the bottom of the leaderboard (I’m talking about entries post-2003ish) and they would either be deliberately zany and people wouldn’t get it or they’d be shit. However something happened a few years ago and they finally started to give a fuck again and have produced some solid bops, they’ve even placed better than they used to.

    All 3 of those entries sound promising.
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  10. I really think France has always been sending solid entries, it's only since they've been sending songs with French verses and English choruses that they've been scoring high. I don't know why France specifically gets shit on for sending songs in their native language when Spain and Italy do it all the time and nobody remarks on it.
  11. Other France snippets that I like

    This is the one that @Gasur was talking about
  12. It has been confirmed and it's really excellent news. All four of them are very likeable and great at their jobs too, so in terms of presenting at least this year should be great.
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  14. That's them. Catarina and Sílvia have both done plenty of Eurovision coverage over the years so they should know their stuff. Daniela is well known abroad and obviously speaks perfect English so she's a great choice too. And Filomena is a good comedienne as well as a presenter so the obligatory attempts at humour might actually be funny this time around.
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  15. I love Filomena so obviously I am made up for her. I expect nothing but amazing things to come.
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  16. Confirmed as one of the 6 songs in Czech preselection.
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  17. I didn't even know France were having a national selection this year. I agree with @ImaginationS, I could see that entry in Lisboa. And loving it.


    This is bad news, knowing how French people tend to vote. Unless they begin groping blindly in the disco dark of awesomeness.

  18. Yas four female hosts

    Ukraine found rotting
  19. Volodymyr is cute, though. Delete the other two.
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