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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. Where's Qele Qele?
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  2. Like her asthma would've allowed her to SERVE like Miss Eleni. She would've Rybak'd with Fuego and that's the tea.
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  3. I NEED to hear this!
  4. Maybe the UK should send Louisa Johnson next year...
  5. @OED @Merriam-Webster time to add a new word.

  6. A&E


    I was looking for some hi hi highs yeah
    till I got a dose of you
    you got me Volantis fly fly flyin’


  7. FWEH-GOH!
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  8. It might very well be, but this has been in my head for a couple of days, so I'm not letting it go.

    I'll start with the title:
    'You let me walk alone'
    I'm not familiar with the circumstances of his dad's death, but the use of the word 'let' makes no sense here. It's as if he's thinking that he had a choice and decided that he'd leave his son, and that would have been his only motive? Very puzzling.

    And then there's the 'alone'. He wasn't. He had a mother and two siblings. It says so right there in the chorus. That's not alone at all.
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  9. Yeah the song would never have got anywhere near the top performed by Helena. It was Eleni who made it a contender.
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  10. I’m on the subway to work (yes hunties I’m late the line at Starbucks was too much) and I did Fuego not win? I literally wanted to headflip on the train.
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  11. Homophobia.

    No but really, the main thing we've learned from this year is how fucked the jury voting is. Austria coming out on top with the juries because he's friendly with all of them! And with such a forgettable song. The level of unprofessionalism, I am not able.

    There's no way Toy should have beaten Fuego but I do actually like it. If it was from a country that actually respects human rights I could accept it winning. But the fact that this win means Eurovision is going to be used as a propaganda machine for Israel next year is just so awful.
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  12. Fuego does sound like (a better version of) several entries of yore - any other year it obviously would've smashed it. Toy has that novelty-aspect working in its favour that forces you to remember it over and above most the competition (Verka had that too).
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  13. Have we all voted in the Barbara Dex award?

    Did we all vote for Eye Cue?
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  14. It's already awarded to Montenegro. Or it should be.
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  15. I wanted to dislike this many times until I realised that I actually agreed.
    at least Macedonia can win something
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  16. Tea all around. The jury vote was super biased towards their friend. Nobody wanted to go to Austria and that was evident by the fact that it didn't get a single 12 points from any country's televote. It was basically a rig by the jury. Same with Sweden, tho I can kinda see why Juries would award that points since the staging was so big. Austria was a cute but bland song with average staging. Vocally he was good, but nobody was as good as Elina so that argument is invalid to me.

    I can't argue with Fuego coming second since Netta won the televote but in 10 years Toy will sound so strange and dated to people while Fuego will still sound like a bop. I love Toy but its gonna be the Estonia 2001 of our generation. Sounding like a mess to anyone born after its win
  17. The demo for Toy leaked. Btw, the guy singing this guiding track has written songs for Eleni Foureira too. a genius
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  18. The first stand-in rehearsal video is out

  19. After thinking a bit, Estonia deserved to win based on everything. The performance couldn't get any better than that. Simply breathtaking.
    Hungary was only 21th? It is in my top 5.
    Isreal is a worthy winner, the performance was great (although Estonia and Belgium were better).
  20. Estonia was clearly the best. Elina's performance was phenomenal.
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