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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. Because I've just remembered, I'll just tell everyone that Jess Mauboy is the loveliest. Once she had finished her performances, she walked around the green room, chatted to and congratulated everyone. Even Russia and Rybak.
  2. Pat


    Why were the televoters not here for Sweden? I was shook when their score was announced.
  3. "Stomp on my neck and snap my spine daddy" will be my new opening line on Scruff.
  4. Anecdotal, but everyone at my viewing party hated Sweden. They found Benjamin really creepy and unable to sing. They weren't impressed by the staging either.
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  5. My mum was one of Sweden's few voters. She got up and danced when it got to the chorus, saying "finally, a GOOD song", then called it shit every time there was a verse, then forgot and started dancing again every time the chorus came back, then decided when the song ended that, on balance, it was shit, but by the time the voting opened, she asked "what was that GOOD one that I really liked?" and it turned out she meant Sweden.
  6. I didn't see Sweden's performance at the final, it was my scheduled bathroom break.

    Looking forward to seeing how hard Russia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Armenia come back swinging in 2019.
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  7. The very best of Queen Mena

  8. I think once this year's dust has settled down I might take the chance to host a Eurovision winners rate.

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  9. yas
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  10. [preemptively marks Tuneless Dirge (2017, Portugal), Running Scared and Dima Bilan as zeroes]

    Or, Eurovision Bridesmaids - a rate for second place finishers and those who just missed out on making it through the semis.
  11. The nice thing is, while the rates system in Lists & Charts is super helpful to keeping things organized, we basically ignore it in the Eurovision subforum, so host away with whatever you want! I’m here for any and all Eurovision rates. I’ll rank last place songs, I’ll rank costumes, YES I KNOW I SAID I WANTED TO DO A RATE OF EUROVISION HUNKS BUT I DON’T THINK I CAN DO IT WITHOUT GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL
  12. I loved Sweden this year, they were in my top 5, but I think the issue was Sweden keeps sending the same entry year after year and people are getting bored. Its 2018 and they're still sending Eric Saade clones to esc. Not a diss, I loved their entry this year, but its really time to a shakeup. No more competent boy singers with high tech staging and an average radio friendly song. Its time they send a female singer, or a big ballad, or something edgier. The formula is tired to voters.

    Even when Benjamin won MF I was like, "this is the most competent entry. Send this." That was a mistake. No sending entries because they're competent. We should go with our gut and send the best SONG next year
  13. I thought that was just there so that the Rates subforum didn't get too congested. Is there another reason?

    I should also point out that we ignore the rate queue over in the K-Pop subforum because we're all crazy over there.
  14. No other reason that I can think of. I’m just selfish and want to rate Eurovision as soon as possible instead of waiting for another random unnecessary rate to finish.

    In completely unrelated news, everyone should vote in The UK #2s of the 2000s Rate: Part The First!! (VOTES DUE JUNE 19TH 11:59PM USA EDT)!!
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  16. Not me listening on repeat to Sennek and suddenly feeling sad about her not qualifying
    give me those lana & marina vibes, queen!
  17. Eurovision already feels like so long ago!
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  18. I'm in mourning at the moment.

  19. I was just going to say - I’m so sad we can’t do it all over again this weekend. They should do it twice a year!
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