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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. You'd think Saara Alto would have got more points from the UK, of all countries, in the final, given the X Factor connection.

    Also, her performance at the final was better than the one at the semifinal so I'm surprised she was as low as 14th in the televoting for the final after a pretty good result in the semifinal.
  2. I have a hypothesis regarding this. Her song was the first in the batch, so I believe she suffered from viewers taking a lavatory break.

    Unfortunately the split of the batches isn't something that's recorded, so I shall need to do more research. The only other piece of data I have is that the UK were first in that last batch in 2017, but the UK traditionally performs poorly in the televote.
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  3. I think poor Saara just got forgotten cause she was followed by man uptempo songs. But being first after the break surely also played a part. She was like the warm up.
  4. A month on and Albania and Australia are my most played!?
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  5. [​IMG]

  7. He flubbed the lyrics at 1:16 and still managed to win the jury vote? Something's not right in the water.
  8. Oh wow that's......weird.

    I blame "Human".
  9. From the first time I heard it, I strongly suspected this song would be a dark horse and wish I'd been more vocal about it because I'm never right about these things.
  10. But it wasn't a dark horse, the televoting rightly paid it dust. It's the most baffling jury vote in forever. The song is bland and the performance is not at all engaging. He's just standing there, barely moving for 3 minutes. I think there has to be another reason the juries went so nuts for it.
  11. Not really 'dust' it finished somewhere in the middle with televoting. I knew the juries would love it and that it would finish high (although I didn't expect third) as a result. Also all the casuals I know loved the song - it obviously has a mainstream appeal.
  12. I don't think you can really say that. According to this odds tracker, it never managed higher than 12th in the odds.
  13. Yet it went absolutely nowhere on the charts, even by Eurovision standards.

    I think we could call it a dark horse if the public got behind it, instead of just the juries. In the jury performance, Cesar was flat at the beginning, and messed up the lyrics. The jury were pretty harsh on Australia last year when Isaiah messed up his performance, so why let this one get away?
  14. So? Who's talking about the charts? For the majority of people, Eurovision is a one-night thing.

    And juries and televoters often have different taste, just like how Czech Republic did way better with voters than juries.
  15. Lots of Eurovision songs chart after the contest, but a song with supposed mainstream appeal disappeared.
  16. Just realized that Rybak is the first person to win two semifinals! (And both were the second semfinals)
  17. I am late to the party, but I love Dance You Off now. Pity his performance was so boring.

    This deeper pitched version is actually really good.
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  18. Yeah, mainstream appeal in Eurovision. Appealing to the mainstream. I didn't mention anything about charts.
  19. I made another video. Remembering 2018 with my questionable Måns cosplay. Hope you enjoy.
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