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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. Having a guy shouting "Dalebivan" was the kiss of death:

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  2. With Franka being confirmed for Croatia, Eleni for Cyprus, Sennek for Belgium, Saara for Finland and Aisel for Azerbaijan, it looks like the internal selections will be the only ones turning out for the gays this year.

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  3. That definitely wasn't the wisest decision on her team's part but the Romanian judges really have closed-mindsets in terms of taste (i.e. always stanning veteran artists singing rock ballads) and when there's no televote in the semis to push for the more modern sounding songs.... Let's just say, aside from maybe Alexia & Matei, Feli and Bella Santiago's feature on Jukebox's song, it's looking like it's going to be a very long final in Bucharest.
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  4. Franka Batelic confirmed for Croatia. I still live for her 2009 NF bop.

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  5. Avenging Jana Burčeska and representing Macedonia this year are a band called Eye Cue (jesus christ).

    This is what they normally sound like:

    So we might get a bop. But then again maybe not:

    Their entry; called Lost and Found, is going to get revealed #soon.
  6. I'm optimistic, but I'm far more excited for Dona Burčeska to avenge her momma with 'Dance Again' in ESC 2038.

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  7. I can't with all these national finals songs going Spanish.

    Cracked up at "Dame ese ritmo sensual olé!"

  8. I'm gagging at the Belarusian national selection coming through with this avant garde, hypnotic Olga Bell/Lydia Ainsworth/Kelly Lee Owens alt-fag BANGER

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  9. 12 points for the studio version of that.
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  10. This was a much better performance of Tu Canción, from last night's show.

    The producers of the TV show and Universal will design their Eurovision performance as well.
  11. That girl needs to stand up straight, she seems like she has a curved back during all the performance.

  12. [​IMG]

    One more song to go ddddd.
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  13. Monsters >>>>>>>>>> Domino
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  14. Yas promote this gif
  15. Me @ “Barbi Escobar” this weekend in Mello
  16. Domino is a bit Disney, but I can see it being elevated live in the way that Dami Im did with Sound of Silence.
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  17. Dddd wait I actually like Domino. Bop!
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