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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. SCREAM at her looking over her shoulder
  3. With the semi final 2 songs announced, Ukraine officially joins Armenia, Denmark and Estonia in the 'better than Melodifestivalen' club.

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  4. In other news, the Greek entry has basically just been confirmed and it's their best entry in years. The corruption, riggery and buffoonery of this 'national selection', which basically saw the 4 other competitors get disqualified by the broadcaster over the past few weeks has been a damn mess, but we got this:


    Straight to my number one (kii) it goes!
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  5. HRH


    I was wondering what happened to Gianna Terzi... she seemed to disappear after "Pou Kai Pou".

    I really like this track! Its success will really depend on staging, though. And sadly I don't think Greece are going to put in the effort, considering they just canceled the National Final at the last minute because of money problems.
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  7. I believe she relocated to the States, where she produced this basic bop:

    I guess this is PANIK's strategy to mark her big return to the Greek scene.
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  8. Two acts were disqualified because their songs did not meet the entry requirements. This year, broadcaster ERT specifically required that songs must have Greek lyrics and be in a Greek musical style. Among the top five were two songs with Greek lyrics but a decidedly non-Greek musical style.

    But........ how the hell did they make the top 5 then??
  9. HRH


    I think they're making up these disqualifications to cover up the fact that they didn't budget for the national final. I'm not sure why it was such an expense, though; last year's Greek final looked cheaper than a school talent show.
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  10. So I'm checking Belaussian NF and wow Minsk ain't playing, they got the budget and Alekseev really went in with staging.
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  11. As a Turk, this Greek messiness feels like home.
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  12. Alekseev simply sucks :/

    My favorite was Shuma, which will finish #912983712894718933

    Edit: Well, they came #3. Surprised.
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  13. So have we worked out where Melanie C is this weekend?
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  14. [​IMG]

    Disappointed that Shuma didn't win, I'm a bit obsessed with Hmarki. It could've really stood out in Lisbon. Ah well...

    Instead we're getting a flashy, gimmicky performance to cover up some questionable vocals. Werk.
  15. I knew I was not alone.
  16. I'm actually pretty chuffed they came third, as much as I thought they would've been great in Lisbon.

    On the plus side, in all the GARBAGE of the Serbian national selection, there are two songs in a very similar vein to Chmarki:

  17. Loved Shuma but that performance... I don't think it translates that well on big stage. I'm aware of all the flaws of ALEKSEEV (he might be disqualified anyway ddd) but if he'd bring this:

    to Lisbona, I'd be very happy.
  18. Nova Deca is the big favourite to win the national selection. Even though I prefer Svatovi, I wouldn’t be too mad if Nova Deca wins but I don’t really see how juries are going to vote for this. The 1 minutes long intro with her traditional style of singing must sound rather strange to some people.
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    I struggle with Melodifestivalen alone.
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