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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. Don't worry, I would have posted my own "Stop. Posting. Now." gif but I can't find it!! We need a shared wiki with all gifs. Who wants to work on it with me??
  2. [​IMG]

  3. It has been reported this will be the cheapest ceremony of the last 10 years "but also one of the most creative ones". Yeah right.
  4. A&E


    What Portugal's aiming for:

    What it looks like so far:
  5. I'm kinda here for a messy, cheap Eurovision tbh.

    Give me that lax Mediterranean Southern-European extravaganza my frugal queens!
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  6. A&E


    I hate to break it to you but Portugal doesn't even have access to the Mediterranean Sea ńńń
  7. I don't care how cheap it is, just as long as we get another disastrous red carpet like this year's.

  8. There won't be a red carpet, it's a blue carpet this time around (seriously).

    Can't wait for the presenters dressed like mermaids, the stage full of sand and the seats based on seashells.
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  9. Dddd I'm kinda ready for Portugal to serve us shambolic staging and hosting.

    Ukraine was just cheap and boring.
  10. Ukraine really doesn't get Eurovision. Nobody tunes into Eurovision for #straightbanter.
  11. "Hello, I'm very happy to be here."


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  12. Another cheap country impersonation? Shocking.
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    Not that ex-Common Linnet again, not after ROG4INE were a step in the right direction.
  15. After the Kiev mess, looks like we'll get another chaotic and tacky Eurovision next year. I realize it'll be damn difficult to top Stockholm but geez, I expect more.
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  16. I agree regarding their hosting last year and a lot of the stuff tied up with that. However, as far as songs go, Ukraine has provided plenty of bops! They very much get Eurovision in that respect.
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  17. It's weird reading an eastern Europe country doesn't care for Eurovision, you always get the idea it's quite big there.
  18. HRH


    Oh God, please let's not do "creativity" again.

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  19. Have y'all dipped into the amazing mess that is San Marino's song selection for next year?

    So desperate for anybody to represent them who isn't Valentina Monetta, they've allowed anybody in the world to submit a video of themselves performing a song.

    Among the candidates are current queen of Polish endorsements Margaret (@Island), Sada Vidoo and Berget Lewis (last seen not making it through to live shows on UK X Factor)

    If you've got a spare 12 hours or so you can see the candidates here
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