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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. They haven't suffered like we've suffered.
  2. This thread on the night of Saturday 12th May

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  3. Fuck's sake. And with what was obviously the worst song there as well.
    @NecessaryVoodoo could you- oh, you have. Never mind.
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  4. Good thing we've got Lithuania tomorrow night, they'll do us good, won't they?

    Okay, I'll see myself out.
  5. I'm so mad I was played so cynically, but not so mad not to bop to what I presume is the reworked version of 1944. Yas! drag the R*ssians to filth sis, they deserve it (and also overreact to it so they're like the perfect target).

    And La Forza features some rubbish lyrics but that didn't stop the forum from stanning Bon Appétit so.

  6. Don't worry Paula's 1 2 3 is still in the running, that's a bop right?

    Oh, it's been given a revamp for the finals?

    An acoustic revamp

  7. I thought Lithuania’s selection was scheduled to end the week before Eurovision. Semifinal 82 is this weekend right?
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  8. Praying for Rybak to get Dana-International-in-2011’d this year.

    Sadly, Stella-Mwangi-in-2011’d also applies...
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  10. Wait? What?
    Wasn't 2017 the last time Israel would join Eurovision? Or am I mixing up countries?
    This song is seriously amazing, even listening to it for the first time.
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  12. Damn, that's what you get for going to sleep at midnight on a Saturday night, missed the Netta leak! The short clip sounds... different haha
  13. I've only seen the 30 second clip but...

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  14. This edition is turning out to be the most diverse in years hahaha
  15. My personal top 3 at the moment:

    1. Estonia
    2. Greece
    3. Portugal

    No idea if any of them will come close to winning. I'm hilariously terrible at picking Eurovision winners, in my 20+ Eurovision years the only one I've ever predicted was Loreen.
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  16. We have our top 2 in common :)
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  17. Now I don't know how you all felt about last year's entries but my 2018 Top 10 is so.much.stronger than 2017's, I... can't agree this is a bad year


    Fast food music aplenty, 3+ pop girls to root for, Benjamin's arms...we kinda won
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  18. The 30 second clip of Israel sounds like absolute mess.
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  19. #1 on Oddschecker
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