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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. I really hope they send Margaret. I’m still bopping to this from earlier in the year:

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  2. I feel a bit basic bopping to that but I can't stop.
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  3. A&E


    The other week I heard What You Do at a MediaMarkt right after I spotted a Deichmann poster with Margaret on it. She's inescapable here and now she wants to take over San Marino!
    (Really I bet it's so she could get a 12 from Poland ddd)
  4. There's a first time for everything!
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    Come through San Marino potentially sending a random world-sourced bop
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  6. Just seen!!!! Bit iconic how return flights for 7-13th May are £87.
  7. I might look into going if the tickets aren't ridiculously overpriced.
  8. How did you manage that? mine were 200odds each.
  9. They were awful times.

    I've looked at 8-14th and can get decent timed flights for around £90.

    Have you tried SkyScanner?
  10. Yeah, they offered me one journey at around 170, but with a self transfer from Luton to Gatwick.
  11. How weird. I get offered direct flights at 90-100.
  12. Poland should just send Natalia Nykiel. She's amazing.

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  13. Do it.............

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  14. HRH


    This was filmed in Cyprus! That abandoned village is like 20 minutes from my parents' house. Hilarious!
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  15. [​IMG]

    (I'm also honestly expecting to see Krista Siegfrids pop up on there too at some point)
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  16. WAIT apparently the Margaret entry was fake news!!
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  17. She probably saw:
    And decided to exclude herself from this narrative.
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  18. ^^ Best post in the Eurovision section for years.
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