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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. So jealous of you two! I’m determined to be there next year.
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  2. [​IMG]

    The good sis summed up the whole evening pretty much and I can only echo all of this. It's spot-on. I had some additional highlights:

    - Jonida being a snatched skinny legend serving MULTIPLE lerks throughout the day. My friend Nathan got to go into her hotel room and saw in her wardrobe the lucky BASTARD. He said he had never seen so much opulence in his loife. He ended up on her story so they really clicked. She was so so lovely and smiled at everyone, and was really chatty with everyone who escorted her, she was grabbing my friend Ryan's arm after her performance and was ecstatic because she could not believe how much love she got. My HOILOIGHT of the whole day was chatting to the 15-or-so Albanian staff members (I think it's Albanian-owned) and stanning Jonida with them, and seeing the EXODUS of the staff when she was on stage. They lined the steps and were getting their lives. I went with them as my friends covered the coat room and such so they could see her. You could tell she was really moved by the whole thing, especially since the song is about Albanian emigration. Oh and I'm still gagging from the Versace/Burberry jumpsuit she was rocking with a bold red lip and red Louboutins for the performance, when she left the venue, she had a guy put her coat for her - a LEGEND! She was simultaneously that bitch and a complete sweetheart.

    - Every since act was a delight, I basically met them all, or at least bumped into them backstage, and every since one was polite, professional and GRATEFUL. I suddenly feel attached to all of them and I'm gonna be sad to see some of them not qualify.

    - The organiser did a little speech before Michael about being the importance of being welcoming and inclusive to our international brothers and sisters in this climate and tonight was a testament to that. Every act was blown away by the love and warmth from fans.

    - Interacting with the organisers and seeing how much hard work goes into an event on this scale. It was such an honour to be part of the organisation process. I spent most of the day with my friend Lisa sorting out two backstage bars and preparing for the VIPs with gift bangs and such. Us being very much on the front lines and working directly with the organisers was equal parts terrifying and fascinating, but also very fun. I saw a lot of good leadership; all of the organisers were composed, responsive, patient and communicative, which made the whole process a lot easier. I felt like I was given lots of direction and feedback, and above all, I felt valued.

    - Being in the press centre for the first time and feeling the love of all the different fan sites, content-creators and delegation members. Being a member of staff and receiving nothing but respect, love and support was just so incredible. Well, one certain site was less than respectful at points, but even then, I spoke to a few of their writers and they were lovely too.

    - Seeing Jon Ola Sand in the flesh (no one knew he was gonna be there). A literally 'oh_my_gosh_that's_my_dad.gif' moment.

    - This was the first time I've met a PJ-er IRL and I'm still very much not used to interacting with the gays so the last two weeks have been...A LOT. Thanks to @TheChoirgirlHotel for being a s!ster. You're literally the reason why I applied for XTRA in the first place so I owe this all to you.
  3. I’m ready to throw down.
  4. I would also like to add that last night was an absolute testimony of the power the LGBTQ+ community has. The venue was filled not only with Europeans but with people from all over the world and we all united last night thanks to our single and powerful love for this iconic television show that has and will forever last the test of time.

    Another highlight was when me and a group of gheys served the Secret Combination choreo while it played during an interval break.

  5. Loving all these draggings of a certain website ddd
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  6. Me and @constantino whenever they played T*y - or worse, a shitty remix of T*y:

  7. Gonna act like this never existed.
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  8. HRH


    The 'Soldi' edit isn't bad. Reminds me a bit of the radio edit of Marina's 'FROOT', cutting verses and bridges in half.

    But I do wish San Remo instituted the 3-minute length limit so they didn't have to make such drastic edits.

  9. This looks really good.
  10. I would La Benda over for Miki.

    I'm sorry in advance
  11. I mean:


  12. Woke: Czech Republic, Estonia, Spain, France, France, France

    Broke: Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
  13. Ugh Bilal, his mind.
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  14. The Beeb really made Jurijus say "spotted dick" with a gun behind the camera, huh?
  15. Bilal said GIRLS ALOUD! We stan a guy with taste!
  16. Can't decide whether I'm bored enough today to engage with the new OGAE UK drama


  17. I can't believe he's only 23! He looks much older, but maybe it's the picture.
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  18. Miki playing football in his postcard...

  19. Bilal's postcard looks luscious. Lemonade chais
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