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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. OK Greece,it's time to send a real talent now,is Marina Diamandis available? Wouldn't be a bad promo some months after she releases her new album.
  2. But we need to do well?
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  3. HRH


    The Greek organizers have made it very clear that they don't want to do anywhere close to well until they can afford to host without going into another debt crisis.

    (Although I honestly think hosting would be good for the economy -- Athens already has the facilities from 2004/2006.)

    I want Eleni to represent Cyprus again and go for the crown.
  4. It may very well be, but look at some of the numbers in these twitters:
    That's going to cost quite a bit.
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  5. HRH


    (Hmm, I was under the impression the Big 5 paid for the bulk of that. But perhaps ERT is right to stay away for now.)
  6. Educate me, thread. Who are the Petra Mede or Filomena Cautela of Israel? Once we figure that out and make them our hosts, then they can hire Eliad Cohen to do the green room interviews. In a speedo. Which is overdressed for the task at hand, let’s be clear.
  7. Can we not just have Eliad Cohen and Imri host? Something for everyone then!
  8. Well if Gal Gadot was posting about Netta, maybe Israel can one-up Portugal’s “lady from ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’” on the celebrity presenter front......
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  9. Me having to sit through the inevitable pink smokescreen next year.

  10. Since when is tear gas pink?
  11. A&E


    They'll probably find a way for that like did with this:

  12. So which country will send a singer of Palestinean descent next year just to for the stirration of it all?
  13. Russia will send someone from Syria bookmark me
  14. With an hypocritical peace anthem. Could be.
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  15. Time for Aline Lahoud to stage ha comeback!
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  16. OK not to be this guy but, does the EBU have any rules about host countries? Like if hypothetically there was an armed conflict or a war in the country that was slated to host Eurovision, could the Contest be reassigned?
  17. I want Imri to host in a see-through shirt. Thats all I ask
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  18. Doesn't the EBU have safety nets in place to help countries that might struggle to afford to host the show? I vaguely remember hearing about that when Ukraine won.
  19. Maybe, but the problem is Israel's conflicts are nowhere near their big cities. The issues would be from controversy, not because of lack of safety. I'm not sure what the EBU's rules are, but I assume Israel could easily make a case for Jerusalem being super safe because its not near the fighting
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