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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. Good news girls! Delphine Ernotte, the president of France Télévisions, has announced that despite lower than expected viewing figures, Destination Eurovision will be returning as the way to choose the French candidate for next year.

  2. happy but hopefully they get rid of all the filler stuff (like the covers and the endless chatting) and make the show move a little faster. Excited for the songs tho
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  3. HRH


    We saw yesterday how many people the Israeli government is willing to kill when it's hosting an international event.
  4. I wonder if Belarus will ever going to give us a bop like this
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  5. Yeah but that wasn't near Jerusalem. Ivanka Trump was in Jerusalem while the bloodshed was going on and was safe. The Gaza strip (where all the fighting is) is far enough away where they could make a case that hosting it Jerusalem is still safe. I'm not saying they SHOULD, I'm just saying they might still host it there. I would rather they didn't personally. Its a mistake
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  6. Romania needs to send Inna next year.
  7. She’s honestly too big to put her name forward for something like that I feel. It’s frustrating because there are plenty of other great Romanian pop artists out there beyond Inna and Alex Stan that never give it a shot when it would be great exposure for the whole industry if they were to do well at ESC.

  8. HRH


    I know the geography, it just doesn't really matter--Palestinians will be negatively affected if Israel hosts because of movement restrictions, crackdowns and who knows what else.

    Given that it's state TV and Netanyahu is, shall we say, problematic, I have a feeling that it will be Jerusalem 2019. And that the inevitable political squabbling will overshadow something that should be amazing.
  9. I only recently learned about the story behind Dana International, in that the LGBTQ community across Europe basically rallied behind her to win the public vote, and she’s since gone down as one of the more memorable winners, it’s quite touching looking back and I would argue it was a key moment for not just the contest but for the community too.

    I know politics will always slip into the contest but this makes the politics front and centre. In a way that 1998 seemed to contribute to making positive progress in one way, this happening 20 years later is contributing to a few steps back. I know these sorts of things are nothing new in the region but my point is the juxtaposition of the situations surrounding their 2 victories, 2 decades apart, and it's sad that this most recent one is so mired in negativity and political controversy and 2019 will likely be laden with further controversy and propaganda.
  10. In 2017, there was a Plan B to move the contest to Germany. Having Germany host instead of Israel would be a bit off, though...
  11. Let the BBC do it. It'll be a trainwreck.
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  12. Plan B should be moving it to Cyprus, most Israelis get married there anyway, since Israel doesn't have civil marriage.
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  13. HRH


    Yes please! I have a wedding there around the same time so that would work perfectly.

    (Also it would be nice if Cyprus had a stadium that could accommodate more than 30 people.)
  14. Considering 7 countries withdrew from the 1999 contest, I could see this being the smallest Eurovision in years in terms of participation...
  15. My armchair activism bopping to the countries who withdraw but also watching Jerusalem 2019 anyway.

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  16. Spain should send something like this.

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  17. James Blunt:
    "The worst thing to me is that, unfortunately, Britain will never win. I look forward to hearing from them because I am here and ready to make a difference. If the UK is ready to win Eurovision, then I'm ready to go there."

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  18. And this:

  19. Can the UK send Saara Aalto next year?
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  20. We don't need to send someone who finished below SuRie nn
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