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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. Vote Netherlands

    Slovenia’s instrumental sounds very smooth and relaxing
  2. I was as infuriated by her winning last year as the rest of you, but let's not be cruel.
  3. Oh @ Slovenia sounding like New Music Friday Playlist Entry #594
  4. Lyublyuana (spelling?) 2020!
  5. Let me perch. Who's got a stream for mum's performance?
  6. Norway and Cyprus have been added to my current playlist. Bops.
  7. Its an EP

    01. Nana Banana
    02. Grateful Grapefruit
    03. Solange Orange
    04. Dum Dum Plum
  8. The pure drama of Greece’s staging was everything.
  9. omg Iceland giving KOMPRESSOR realness

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  10. RJF


    Did y’all come from the Madame X thread because you realised all the likes were in here?
  11. The fact that I cannot tell if this is sarcasm or not...
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  12. LTG


  13. Graham stressing how BBC viewers can't vote for the UK as if anyone is dying to vote for that song...
  14. Macedonia far too good for this camp love in.
  15. Ohhh and remember that thing where they showed France and then him in the room, and he was SERVING with a turn.

    I stan. Giving me GUY Gaga teas
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  16. All these locals pouring in

  17. Someone please start linking the Instagrams of the hot guys to alleviate this boredom.
  18. We get it you don’t like Madonna
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  19. Australian priests better cancel their service because this will not end anytime soon.
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