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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. That's not true. At the time, the countries with the lowest average of results in the last five years were barred from competing the following year and could only come back two years later (those were the only one show days). That's what happened to Finland, Macedonia, Romania and Switzerland who had to sit out in 1999 but came back in 2000. Likewise that was the reason why Austria, Denmark, Iceland and Bosnia-Herzegovina didn't compete in 1998 but came back that year.

    Russia was also barred from competing in 1999 because they didn't broadcast ESC 1998 even if they didn't take part that year, because those were the EBU rules at the time (the same thing happened to Greece in 2000 because they didn't broadcast ESC 1999). Hungary was the only country that openly withdrew which, along with Latvia postponing their debut to 2000, allowed Portugal to take part in that year.
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  2. James Blunt would be a good choice if he'd do it. The BBC really really needs to focus on the SONG this year though. Also Paloma Faith said she wanted FULL creative control and honestly I'd give it to her.

    If I was in the Beeb I'd try and get Pixie Lott - she is flopping commercially but still has had some success in Europe and is young , she could do well with a good bop she is very likeable!

    Ireland needs to CHASE after Nadine Coyle and throw their coins at her because honestly they both need each other at this moment in time. A good bop with Xenomania or fund her to go to Sweden for a bop!
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  3. Ireland should chase Nadine, but would more realistically go after Una Healy. She's already been a Eurovision backing vocalist, and Nadine would lose her passport last minute.
  4. Ugh Una Healy's vocals are sooooooo bloody weak though. Nicky Byrne 2.0. I can see it happening though unfortunately.
  5. Una Healy and her guitar.
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  7. Or this subforum!!! I’ll kick things off.

    Pop justice
    Pop pop justice
    Justice for pop
    Justice for pop

    Pop justice
    Pop pop justice
    Fishing for likes
    Fishing for likes

    *EDM instrumental break, possibly with plasma screen displaying babies playing with blocks, actually scratch that, instead it’s shirtless hunks playing frisbee*

    If it’s good for San Marino
    It’s good enough for us
    If you like what we are doing
    Get on the PJ bus!

    *dance break of sexy Argentine tango but a closeup camera shot reveals it’s a man dancing with a mannequin that is headless for no reason*

  8. Don’t worry, I’ll show myself out.
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  9. What tune are you setting it to?
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  10. This is what I imagine the Steps comeback sounds like

  11. Something in the vein of “Hot Topics with Imogen”

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  12. Also on the James Blunt front, as much as it pains me to admit it, the song he did with Lost Frequencies isn’t the worst series of sounds ever created..... but maybe that’s more because of Lost Frequencies.

    So I guess the crux of my argument is Lost Frequencies for Eurovision 2019! See you at Sportpaleis Antwerpen 2020!!!!
  13. I'm pleasantly surprised to see this thread with a lot of pro-Palestine people. I'm personally so so so gutted that Israel won because I've been planning to go next year, and I told my friends and family that as long as anyone but Israel won, I'd go.

    I personally don't know if I'd feel safe being in Israel AND during such a monstrous event. Plus, it wouldn't feel great because of it being a question of personal morals.

    Do you guys think there's a chance that the contest will move to another country? Tel Aviv doesn't want to host, and Jerusalem shouldn't host (in my opinion). Some fans I've talked to said that if Ukraine could host last year, than Israel will easily be able to, but it seems Israel's environment is more unpredictable and risky than Kyiv.
  14. On that note

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  15. Mmfffff that tweets reads like Miss Ola Sand is desperately scrambling for it to be held anywhere but Jerusalem
  16. Let's have it in Cardiff instead. The stadium there holds 70,000.
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  17. Dddd not Jon Ola (and by extension Björkman of course) still holding out for a cute island holiday with their bf's at Nicoise Salad 2019 instead.


    Make it happen girls.
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  18. Nadav promised to show us Tel Aviv so I'm holding on to his word!
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