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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. Waiting for Eleni and Verka's covers to become available on Spotify already

  2. Israel getting the douze points though

  3. I would so be here for the top 5 automatically going through to next year final, instead of "the big five".
  4. I think they should revisit the jury/televote result split, if they need to cut back on the show's length.

    It's second nature to anyone who follows Melodifestivalen and it makes for great TV but I still have to explain it every single year at my watching party. And like Australia's participation, people don't seem to fully get it.
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  5. Her last album was wonderful! I think it came out last year?
    Anyhow, yes she’d be a fabulous choice.
  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Today I am mostly thinking about Kate Miller-Heidke’s face when her dancer grabs her arm at 1:35 of this video:

  7. Having listened to Friend of a Friend more times than I’d care to admit over the past two days, the bit where he comes over all Kate Nash in the talky bit when he says “Cuz she was my nay-bah, when we was fir-teen. She moved back in.” still sends me every time.
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  8. Honestly if they were to make the Eurovision broadcast shorter the only thing I'd cut is the intervals/skits/montages, etc, basically the things that are superfluous to the contest. I definitely wouldn't want to see less countries participating or the voting being even more abridged than it already was this year, with the juries only naming their 12 points.
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  9. It really did feel rushed, I too miss the expanded vote announcement. The thing is they could easily do
    ‘Thank you for a wonderful evening, here are the votes from.....8 points to....10 points to....and our 12 goes to.....’
    In about 15 seconds. And tell the delegations if they go over they’re points are disqualified. I mean I’m dreaming there but everyone would fall in line and we’d have no schmoozing.
    Or we could jus get Nigella to read out everyone’s.
  10. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    When the Russian guy started playing a whole damn piano solo I was ready to throw something at him.


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  12. Now THATS a concept!
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  13. Ok but her actual taste is trash. Imagine thinking Cyprus was third worst in that semi-final? And that Hungary, Estonia and Georgia were almost the best?
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  14. I'm so sad Norway didn't win. The noise in the arena during their performance was incredible and you could see the three of them were absolutely loving it, huge grins whilst they are singing.

    Its just so damn joy inducing.
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  15. And ~195 million people didn’t have to listen to Wiktoria or Bishara, lucky bastards
  16. We’ve had like 150 PJSC/PJOPS/PJ00s/PJ second chance rounds on this forum and it seems like more Eurovision jurors fucked up their points distribution this year alone than in all our contests combined... how hard is it?! Shouldn’t they put a little happy face at the 1 and a sad face on the 17 or something?
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  17. Arcade up to #14 on the global Spotify charts today, with Mahmood doing really well too!
  18. All this work for a 3 points difference... I guess when it means the final or not it is worth it?
    Like it would result in a different outcome tho...
  19. I'm finding it quite delicious that the lady who co-wrote "The Power Of Love" for Jennifer Rush (later covered by Celine Dion) has been more recently sharing her talents with Eurovision, including "Party For Everybody," "Help You Fly," and "Say Na Na Na." Keep it up!
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