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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. I don’t have a problem with 50% jury vote. Once you start tinkering with the percentages, you get into a weird grey area of justifications.
  2. Yeah that's all great sis but Albania was ranked 12th by the juries in semi 2 this year and therefore they must be scrapped immediately.

  3. Kev


    Thanking you!
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  4. Now you say that, but televoters ranked Norway 11th last year.
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The televoters’ treatment of Cyprus and Belarus this year continues to baffle me. I mean... does the public not like bops or something?!
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  6. people stanned cezar and didn't kill igranka they win
  7. There's a technical term for that:

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  8. See, I like Ken, but when you listen to his commentary and he says "It's not just enough to have a good song any more, you need to have visuals" you think "Ken, you cover this programme every year. How can you still be 40-45 years behind the times?
  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

  10. She would have flopped like Cyprus and Malta. Her national final performance was very lethargic.
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  11. She would've dominated, let's not lie now... The leg gun move alone was a televote winner.

    Tamta/Zena wouldn't have qualified though, not even by accident.
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  12. The top 5 this year was all male, the public paid women dust. Siren Song isn't all that.

    It's very this


    but make it BDSM
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  13. She clearly would have slayed, though.
  14. It's easy to say that when she didn't compete
  15. BNT have declared bankruptcy nn

    Yet somehow I’m sure the social media gay will keep tweeting
  16. The more reason she could stand out and played them against each other.
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