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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. Do dare you! It's among the best winners!
    Let me help you out:
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Do we think Fuego would have won would it have competed 2019 instead of 2018?
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  4. Riva is shooketh for losing their spot
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  5. WoW73
    Male, from Netherlands

    Male, from Belgium / Netherlands

  6. Arcade is fine. I think it won from everybody liking it and nobody disliking it. Time will tell how it's remembered.
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  7. Arcade does suffer from a song title that doesn't help in reminding how the chorus goes. All I Know would have helped in that case.
  8. 1944 has a similar problem. I can’t remember how that song goes at all.
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  9. Basically this:

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  10. "1944" is my favorite Eurovision winner of the last decade (yes, I'm aware of "Euphoria").

    "Arcade" is quite forgettable as a winner, but it's a really good song. To a lesser extent, that can be applied to Portugal 2017 win (I don't even remember the song title).
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  11. I don't remember that one either but that's because I've always avoided it and S******* S***** like the plague.
  12. That Portugal 2017 win was such a bland boring entry. I can't.
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  13. See, I actually do remember Amor Pelos Dois (even if Salvador is an annoying git). I'm still surprised it won but it's pretty so I don't mind the song itself. I just wish Salvador were less... like he is.
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  14. I wish I could have done this. I actually like the song (!!!!! and I don't even know why) but that man is an elitist demon. Imagine losing with Vânia/Suzy/Lúcia/Tonicha (the list goes on) to win with... him.
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  15. IMHO, this was easily the worst winner of the decade. The others, whether you hate them or love them, had something. This just has nothing (even though it's in my top 10 of that year - that's how unremarkable 2011 was).

  16. Arcade
    Amar Pelos Dois
    Rise Like A Phoenix
    Only Teardrops
    Running Scared

    Lets rank them (thats not my ranking btw)
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  17. Euphoria
    Only Teardrops

    The others
  18. #1 = Euphoria
    #2 = Running Scared
    #3 = Arcade
    #4 = Heroes
    #5 = 1944
    #6 = Rise Like A Phoenix
    #7 = Amar Pelos Dois
    #8 = Only Teardrops
    #9 = Toy
    #10 = Satelite
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  19. 1. 1944
    2. Euphoria
    3. Rise Like A Phoenix

    4. Satellite
    5. Amar Pelos Dois
    6. Arcade

    7. Heroes
    8. Running Scared

    9. Toy
    10. Only Teardrops
  20. 1. 1944
    2. Satellite
    3. Heroes
    4. Only Teardrops
    5. Arcade
    6. Euphoria
    7. Toy
    8. Rise Like A Phoenix
    9. Amar Pelos Dois
    10. Running Scared
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