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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 13, 2018.

  1. Winners:
    1 Arcade
    2 Euphoria
    3 Heroes
    4 Rise Like A Phoenix
    5 Amar Pelos Dois
    6 Satellite
    7 1944
    8 Only Teardrops
    9 Toy
    10 Running Scared

    1 Calm after the Storm
    2 Fuego
    3 Sound of Silence
    4 Soldi
    5 Hold Me
    6 Beautiful Mess
    7 A Million Voices
    8 We Could be the Same
    9 Madness of Love
    10 Party for Everybody

    Yes, I am on #TeamIlse
  2. The great:
    1. 1944 (a masterpiece)
    2. Rise Like a Phoenix (one of the best power ballad winners ever)
    3. Toy (I unironically love this)
    4. Satellite (nostalgia reasons)
    5. Only Teardrops (it's been a while since I last heard this, almost forgot how good it is)
    6. Euphoria (deserving winner, a PJ classic)
    7. Heroes (it's basic, but it's great)
    8. Arcade (doesn't sound like a winner, although remains a really good song)

    The not great:
    9. Amar Pelos Dois (boring, but pleasant enough)
    10. Runnning Scared (the only bit I remember is one line in the chorus - definitely the weakest and most forgettable winner here)

    All in all, this was a quite good decade when it comes to winners.
  4. All of you acting like Euphoria isn’t the best winner of the decade... go have a word with yourselves.
  5. 1. Euphoria (talent)
    2. Rise Like a Phoenix (the song that made me a fan of the contest)
    3. 1944 (A LEGEND destroying the illusions of people who still think there aren't politics in Eurovision)

    4. Toy (HORRENDOUS performance, but I really like the song)
    5. Satellite (The inferior Lena entry but still in my top 10)

    (wow even-numbered years did THAT)

    6. Only Teardrops (good but there were at least 15 entries better than it also justice for Igranka etc)

    7. Heroes (hated his victory back then, but I don't hate the song nowadays)

    8. Amar Pelos Dois (avoids last because I liked the song until his victory speech when he, uh, ruined everything)

    9. Running Scared (bad but there are at least 10 worse entries that year)

    10. Arcade (I was not kidding when I said I hated it. I really hate it).

    I prefer last decade when it comes to winners because most of the winners were my personal winners as well and almost every single one who wasn't my personal winner was really high in my ranking.

    I prefer last decade when it comes to winners because most of the winners were my personal winners as well and almost every single one who wasn't my personal winner was really high in my ranking.
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  6. Running Scared is my favourite winner oop. Pure cheese. Nikki Jamel and Safura not becoming pop girls is a crime.
  7. 1. Euphoria
    2. 1944

    3. Toy
    4. Rise Like A Phoenix

    5. Arcade
    6. Satelite
    7. Amar Pelos Dois
    8. Only Teardrops

    9. Heroes

    666. Running Scared
  8. Euphoria is overplayed to hell in every gay bar though.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. I still call it “Running, I’m Scared” thanks to Lynda Woodruff.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Fuego is that bitch though

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  13. 2011 is a dreadful year and Running Scared is one of the better songs. In another year it wouldn't have been top 5.
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  14. 2011 was a pretty forgettable year, but this has always been one of my favorite Eurovision (guilty pleasure) songs of this decade and would've been my winner that year:

    Its final placement was so undeserving.
  15. 1 Euphoria
    2 Arcade
    3 1944
    4 Rise Like A Phoenix
    5 Only Teardrops
    6 Heroes
    7 Toy
    8 Satelite
    9 Amar Pelos Dois
    10 Running Scared
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  16. I looove Fuego. Well, I love Eleni.
  17. At least it's now a TikTok classic.
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  18. I don't really remember mentioning that I liek this artist, but this does sound nice, thanks Maki!
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  19. I mean, you gave her a 12 in PJSC when I entered this song:

    You mentioned that you like her voice and that it's a pity she hasn't released an album so far.
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  20. Oh yeah, her! I was re-listening to her song earlier and remembering how I liked it.
    She really does need her own full album! She is very talented! Definitely 12
    worthy, how could I forget? I guess artists that have full albums leave a bigger
    impression on me.
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