Eurovision Song Contest 2019


Conan Osiris topping the televote in Semi 1!


Inércia qualifying to the final too!


Matay's boring ass "real music" song scoring the most overall points

Of course Conan had to weird out the heterossexuals. And of course the jury had to cancel him out with Matay.
Of course Victor Crone won (but I'm not mad at it).
Of course Raiven was shut out (but that Slovenian Selena is cute though).
Of course Croatia and Latvia had to choose poorly.
I have mixed feelings about last night. I was pleased with Victor and Carousel winning, and Sebi is ok, though Kim was my favourite. But please, not Roko, yuk! Amazed that he did so well with the juries.
I‘m just annoyed with juries.

Luka came 8th with them and 2nd with televote. He never had a chance to win with such low jury points. So therefore people shouldn‘t have even voted and spent their money.