Eurovision Song Contest 2019

*Valerie Cherish voice*

Well, I got it!



Lea, so, so good! Hvala Ne!
I always enjoy discovering 'new' artists each year in ESC-season, esp. when those artists turn out not to be new at all and have a vast back catalogue to explore. In recent years: Francesca Michielin, Pastora Soler, Arisa. Also, I love it when artists I already know and love get selected, like Anouk, Ilse Delange, Kate Miller-Heidke, Måns Zelmerlöw, Sergey Lazarev.
I will hopefully discover some new artists this year, besides the already mentioned Arisa!
I came here to drag Croatia for not sending Luka, but then I saw his epilepsy inducing trainwreck of a performance.

The colors, the fact that he isn't on stage until after 30 seconds in and even then it's just a camera pan to him, the carefully practiced but still wooden dancing.

All you had to do was serve us some homoerotic toxic Balkan masculinity.