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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 - cancelled

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Oh my gosh, finally watching this lip sync tragedy. I was half expecting him to admit defeat and just walk off the edge of the Eiffel Tower like a lemming.

  2. The fuck is this shit?!
  3. Another bottom 5 placing for Spain.

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  4. Yes, much better than her 2019 effort!
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  5. I'm weirdly obsessed with the Honest Vocal Coach videos, I'm sure others are too?

    Anyway she's reacting to Eurovision songs for 2020 now (hurrah!) and here's a lovely funny video on Lithuania.

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  6. Yes, i love her video's, and was cheering with her as The Roop is of course awesome!
  7. Well I for one enjoy majority of the songs (Except France & Lithuania)
  8. I’m a bitsy disappointed that nobody made a joke involving Eiffel Tower and Tom Leeb.
  9. I‘d sit on his Eiffel Tower.

  10. Now we know the identity of the thirstiest among us!
  11. Shades of trying to be Mahmood without an once of his coolness. That ‘note’ will be fun live (for someone off stage to sing)
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  12. Apparently, Khayat is completely overhauling his performance for the Vidbir final after being unhappy with his semi-final showing, including a change to male dancers...whewww as if it wasn’t sexual enough already!!
  13. France is apparently in the studio reworking the song. Unsure if this reworked version will be for Eurovision, but if it was I would scream after that huge launch they had.
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  14. I understand reworking if you went through a national final cause you can‘t be sure you‘ll make it so maybe you won‘t put too much effort. But if you have been internally chosen you had all the time to prepare and be ready ddd.

    I don‘t see how they can make the song better but at least they can‘t really make it worse?
  15. Hopefully the budget stretches to a few espresso shots because he sounds asleep on the current version. He has this X Factor winner song but is doing the absolute least with it. Kelly made A Moment Like This sound good, and this isn't far off that.

    I think he just doesn't have the range though.
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  16. Why does the Armenian entry sound as if it is the fruit of a Drag Race maxi challenge?
  17. Maybe not on Instagram, but somewhere else...

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