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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 - cancelled

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. According to his IG stories, the reason he's in the studio is to record a folk version of the song. He acknowledged that people were surprised by the Eurovision version of the song, so I guess that's the version we're getting.
  2. When I'm in the right mood my butt cheeks do bounce to Kemama.
  3. Rob


    Does anyone have a link to a Spotify playlist with all the confirmed entries so far? Finding it hard to keep up!
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  4. I tend to just listen to recaps. And this one really helps Belgium and France bland out.
  5. I don't want to promote w*wibloggs but if you search their account on Spotify then you'll find playlists for the confirmed entries and all national selections.
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  6. Well at least the guy from France is nice to look at, because that song is......

    I think Belgium is my fave (so far).
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  7. This is the one I use. If you click through to his page, he has lists for many of the national finals as well.
  8. What's going on with the latest hype about the Iceandic song?

    Even Russel Crowe tweeted about it.

    I mean I don't want to say that Netflix is buying some tweets since they are airing the eurovision movie ...

  9. AH! Belgium is this year's act with a bad track that draw attention with being negative cause they will not get it because of the strength of the song itself.

    The male part of Hooverphonic received criticism from Belgian listeners about the bit boring feel of the track. His answer comes down to "well I can't help it that in this circus of bad taste (aka eurovision) we are trying to be a pearl".

    Muffy sis, the lack of self-awareness.
  10. The gag is that Söngvakeppnin hasn't even finished yet so the whole situation just reeks of corporate involvement.

    Anyway, stream Oculis Videre.

  11. Iva confirmed she will sing it in Icelandic at the final, good.
  12. Fucks sake Rybak will be one of the interval acts at the Grand Final..... WHYYYYY
  13. How unoriginal
  14. The Roop are number 18 on Norway's viral Spotify chart. Televote powerhouse is coming.
  15. I'm possibly the only Fairytale stan here but if I know I had to bear my least favorite song of this entire contest aka r*ck and r*ll k*ds I would have not even thought about it

    worst interval act ever i'm definitely gonna skip this tragedy
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  16. I have to say Spain is my favorite from these songs.
    But France is the hottest!
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  17. we're getting romanian songs tomorrow.

  18. I am underwhelmed by the artists in the Winners-medley, esp. Rybak and Getty. I mean, she mimed at the Eurovision Part last December. She better be singing live this time.... Glad that we're not getting Dana int. again, though.

  19. apparently rybak is a furry let me join the hatebase not even i can't handle this anymore
  20. Exclusive sneak peek of the final performance when Rybak urges the others to switch it up:

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