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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 - cancelled

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Slow me down on the streets of downtown


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  2. The Lesley Roy rumor is a bit wtf but I can’t be mad at somebody whose handiwork can result in
  3. The way Romania will 100% be in the Top10 come May and for the right reason.

    Great songs.
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  4. LOVE Cherry Red. The others... maybe they are growers. Seems Alcohol You is the favorite (according to the views on YouTube).
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  5. will i ever have peace this year
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  6. Is this the first year juries will be unable to drag Australia to qualification?
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  7. Pretty sure Kate won her semi last year, getting the second highest televote after Hatari. Dami won her semi too.

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  8. The Vidbir final is starting shortly ladies:

    Check back later for my meltdown if Go_A don't win

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  9. So what I said still applies, then.
  10. If you're Helen Keller, then sure.
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  11. Ok? I'm saying that I think the song this year is so bad that being propped up by juries won't save it, as has happened before. That's literally all there is to it. I didn't say it happens every single year before you get your statistics out again.
  12. The question is rather will Sweden make it into the top10 without the help of the jurys?
  13. I reckon the song is pretty strong - it took me awhile to get into it too but it has its fans. It's a difficult, competitive semi so far but we should probably wait until all the songs are out before analysing too much.
  14. Go_A are just so so so good.
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  15. Sad a lot of the iconic choreography was left out but still flawless. Please please please win.
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  16. KHAYAT just improved massively on his semi performance, he sounded GREAT.

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  17. Bin
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  18. Go_A got the biggest support in the Teleportal App Vote

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  19. Go_A is the best one! Watch fucking 99 moan its way to victory.
  20. I'm rooting for Call for love although I don't think Jurys will let it win.

    I love Go_A too, wish they could send both.
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