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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. I hope they do release the version of Love Shine a Light though.
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  2. Well, that's another year done...


    See you in December for FiK!

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  3. God I’m glad this Eurovision season is over. The depression was too much
  4. The EBU are desperate to work with the BBC to host a contest due to the broadcaster's international reputation so they will do anything in their power to act friendly with them.

    British entries always seem to get favourable running order placements no matter how badly they draw, for example.

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  5. Well that was fucking depressing...

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  6. That was lovely, really well put together by all involved. Genuinely gutted that we had no big show this year - Paddy’s Day, Easter, even my birthday have come & gone during this lockdown and I didn’t bat an eyelid. But not having Eurovision has been the worst. It’s my favourite night of the year, I always get together with friends either at a house party or sometimes we all head off to a European destination together for the weekend to watch in a bar with other fans. We all gathered over Zoom tonight to watch the show and chat and laugh together and it was such a nice boost during these depressing times. Here’s to next year when hopefully things will be back to normal.
  7. I’m watching Sverige’s Tolva and reading your comments about the EBU/BBC events tonight...think I’ll stick with this.

    A few exceptions aside, not a great Eurovision year.
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  8. Malta had a winner huh.

  9. She is back next year. Someone confirmed that tonight.
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  10. It wasn’t enough to save Athena Manoukian, though.

    She really proved with her one line that she would NOT have been able to serve vocals at the grand final... especially with that vocodered chorus on her song.
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  11. Bjorn’s speech made me cry.
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  12. I'm late to the party, but Ulrikke's reaction to Tom Leeb's video message is all of us.
    I'm not sure exactly what happened between her and the norwegian TV channel, but apparently she was done dirt and won't be coming back next year. Maybe she'll announce the points?

    Also, Blas Cantó

    The good thing about not watching this live is that I can skip Netta's all the boring parts tho
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  13. NRK announced that it will be running MGP as normal, and are not willing to guarantee Ulrikke their Eurovision entry.
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  14. Voda would have been this year's Proud/Nobody But You. Fight me.
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  15. When Nikkie asked her who her 12 points would go to and she picked Tom, but when asked the same question Tom picked someone else also makes her very relatable.
  16. I didn't see Tom's video with Nikkie, but poor girl yep, very relatable
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  17. The official audio is actually quite...good?

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  18. Ulrikke won my Eurovision party with "Attention", so yes, she's being done dirty.
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