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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. I agree with your party
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  2. Has this been posted yet?

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  3. I thought Michael and Elsa's Ein Bichen Frieden was cute but the rest was just depressing. I still don't understand why they couldn't have done performances from each country's studio and done voting that way too.
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  4. This probably wouldn‘t have even qualified now watch it win in the movie ddd
  5. MB


    Cost and fairness probably.
  6. I was secretly hoping for a clip of the new ABBA single...
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  7. I started enjoying last night's broadcast more once I started watching it with my parents and my dad started dragging everyone's outfits. It could have done with more escapism and less "let's play a slow ballad and show our viewers images of ambulances and people wearing face masks", but other than that it was ... fine. I also needed more iconic shots of Rotterdam but we'll always have next year.
  8. So, 40 of the 41 artists sang on Love Shine a Light last night.... BOO to the missing act!!
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  9. Apparently it was Hooverphonic from Belgium. Says it all that nobody really noticed.
  10. Yes, it was Hooverphonic. I was reading up on it this morning. Man, the only country I wish would send a different act has chosen them again!
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  11. Hooverphonic are insufferable. If you think you're above the competition, why sign up for it 2 years in a row?
  12. AMEN
  13. Bop of the night!
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  14. Nice things we didn't get because Eurovision 2020 got cancelled:
    - Lithuania getting their possibly once-in-blue-moon shot at winning.
    - Malta, Israel, Czech Republic and San Marino giving us African representation.
    - Roxen and Victoria competing for the best Billie Eilish cosplay.
    - Edsilia hosting and possibly singing one of her Eurovision bops.
    - The crowd in Rotterdam bopping hard to Serbia, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Armenia.
    - Russia music-video-like onstage performance.
    - Tom, Uku, Sandro, Benny and Damir (and possibly some more) making everybody go:

  15. The verses in the Lithuanian song are very similar to the melody of another song and I can't figure out which one. HELP.
  16. All 4 of these artists are confirmed for next year at least.
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  17. FLOP

    I know those are actually OK figures for a last minute replacement show sshh
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Missed half of last nights show but did see the Love Shine A Light collab, but from what I've heard from here, sounds like it wasn't a fun watch.

    Though I caught up with Man's Heroes performance - I love him. Sigh! I wish he would get a proper hit here in the UK.
  20. I think Mans could transition into TV presenting in the UK if he wanted to, but he has zero chance of getting a hit there. His music is like Westlife lite.
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