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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. I skipped through it today, it was miserable. Some nice ideas like the shine a light cover but the tone was too serious and depressing overall.
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  2. You forgot Aksel!
  3. Did you see how he used to look? I want what he did!
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  4. I did enjoy Shine a Light. I found it quite moving at times. I think they got the tone just right. Molitva and Heroes were quite beautiful.

    Big congrats to the BBC for some great content as well. Not the usual Eurovision-Pile On that they normally put out. it was great to have some positivity around the show.,
  5. Today's #EurovisionAgain goes back to 1974

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  6. Why do they do these contests in random order instead of just doing them chronologically?
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  7. Mostly because all the contests pre... I wanna say 2004-ish? the rights belong to the host country's broadcaster rather than the EBU so they have to wrangle with the various broadcasters to get permission to show them which can be quite an involved process depending on the country.

  8. that_was_a_reset.gif
  9. Because it's fun not knowing what to expect every weekend?
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  10. how long will Eurovision Again go on for?
  11. This completely clicked in this version! Breathtaking.
  12. Like tonight's was randomly stitched together from various partial copies. So the last part has the Dutch commentary.
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  13. It was a nice, nostalgic end to Eurovision 2020 season for me... I was 5 months old when the ESC 1974 was held!
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  14. Twitter results not too bad for a change.
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  15. Fai Rumore was definitely the highlight of Shine a Light IMHO. What a song. My wig flew all the way off. The symbolism of the empty amphitheater was so sad. Hopefully we have a full Eurovision with an audience next year.
  16. Top 3 like the actual top 3, Spain top 5, Greece and Portugal top 10. TASTE!

  17. Damir looking like a snack in the music video and the remix being a bop? Come back next year, king!

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  18. [​IMG]

    Trust and believe I'll make sure HRT sends him again in 2021.
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