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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. It only takes sixteen minutes to get to the first song.
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  2. EBU found having recurring nightmares of the Eurovision 1991 voting phase.
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  4. We'd better be getting Belgrade 2008 next week as a reward for sitting through... this

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  5. All about the underrated Greek entry for me!
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Toto: "MiStEr NaEf? MiStEr NaEf?"
    Mr. Naef:
  8. The opening theme song was a bop though

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  9. It's been bothering me for weeks who Arilena sounds like. She's a competent Katy Perry!

    I want to hear her sing the iconic second verse of Thinking of You
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  11. Not me being late on the uptake as usual.

    I would totally believe that's Katy if I didn't know otherwise
  12. Still in 1991, the version of Brazil that was performed in the Yugoslav 1991 National Final (which was held in...Sarajevo) had far more contemporary arrangements.

    Another bop highlight from the same NF

    (And not the same NF having a song named Molitva!)
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  13. Just thinking again about how Loreen bodied every single other national selection interval this year by reeling out her 20 minute gay_pride_headliner_mix.mp3 during Selecția Națională.

    Opening with Statements?


    "You want one more? Two more? FIVE more?"


    Euphoria still bringing the house down?


    But wow what a momenT, I will never forget.
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  14. The rewatch is doing 2018 this week. Seems too new for me to tune in.
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  16. Surie is watching and tweeting live

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  17. My 12 points, once again, are going to Equinox's backing singer.

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  18. lea sirk remaining in its position i hate the twitter gays!!!!!!
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  19. There are some good results there. Saara Aalto getting some justice, France doing almost as well as they deserved, Netherlands finishing last and Norge bombing.

    Shame about the shite winner and Albania continuing to be underrated.
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