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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. The Lithuanian Army is on fire

  2. This will be a massive blow to the 11.6 million people across all of Europe who watch this.
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  3. Not most of the songs being better than the ones that were chosen. This season was really cursed.

    It started with Me Tana and ended with Cicciolina.
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  4. Of course the fat old men of OGAE selected Anna's frumpy diminishing returns trite over Bulletproof.

  5. Can you not?
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  6. EurovisionAgain is back today and we're going back to Jerusalem 1999

  7. First time without orchestra. Wild.
  8. Our biggest chance at winning :(
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  9. Don't forget this masterpiece!

  10. Croatia was golden in the 90‘s

    Neka mi ne svane, Marija Magadalena, Sveta ljubav and Nostalgija.

    Don‘t know why we basically only sent mostly shit songs since then.
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  11. There should have been a trigger warning on this. It's been 20 years and I'm still not over Iceland not winning.
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  12. I can't that 90's Zeljko Joksimovic did a cover of the 1999 German song!

  13. True.

    Take me to your heaven is SO basic.
  14. And not Xtina Bjorkman being dead last at the 1999 MelodiFestivalen!

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  15. 1999... the only year I've stanned Denmark. The 12-year-old me was so into it. The 33 year old me is not...
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  16. 1999 is all about Jenny Frost to me!
  17. Bar how could you
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