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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. So apparently before the show, the gays were stanning Cyprus, that performed between Iceland and Sweden, but ended up with just two points from the UK. (Greece didn't take part.)

    Maybe the English version would work better.

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  2. Yes it was the big fave before the contest. I mean it was kind of a mess live but only so little points? Ouch. It just got swallowed by the other two countries.
  3. Eurovision Again is back today and this time we go back to 1985 in Gothenburg!

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  4. We stan Lill Lindfors.
  5. Vikki was good, but the second place in 1985 Song For Europe SLAPS!

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  6. 1985 is one of my favourite years, love everything from Lill's solo entrance number to the veeeery 80's set, and the songs! So many good entries!
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  7. WHAT. A. BOP.

    Thankfully, after that bum note from the dancer in turquoise, the Universe decided it would not have it and her mic fell off in the middle the choreo.

    EDIT: So on YouTube, there are comments adding more to the story. The dancer, Tali Sinai, has said the microphones on the dancers were supposed to be on low volume, but hers ended up on high volume by mistake. Tali went on to marry an Israeli billionaire, was in a sort of a Real Housewives of Israel show and is still friends with Izhar.
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  8. Have to say I have a soft spot for Italy, with Romina, her breathy singing and mermaid dress! Stunning!
  9. #EurovisionAgain is back and today we'll time travel to Kiev 2005.

  10. I was luckily at that Eurovision and Helena ran past by me when running to the winning stage <3
  11. Sweden in the correct position for once.
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  12. Sweden and Russia both bottom 3. Seems like a hallucination.
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  13. Javine 8th with THAT performance? I have to laugh
  14. These votings always have the UK very high, mostly because the majority of voters are British.
  15. Were you this guy that Helena pushed?

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  16. Dddd no. Imagine.

    I was sitting in the audience in the second row on the left right next to the stage but you cant see on tv.
  17. Serbia and Montenegro <3

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  18. My six main impressions of rewatching ESC 2005

    • I missed Queens Glennis and Selma at the final, and delusional diva Angelika Agurbasch lowkey too.
    • Drums, drums everywhere!
    • I wouldn't mind a producer-arranged performance order this year. Too many back-to-back uptempos.
    • No need to shout, Ms. Female Presenter!
    • In 2004, you could let it slide since the spokepersons were quick enough and there were a few less countries, but it became clear that year that the voting portion really needed to be cut short in that new Eurovision age.
    • Helena winning looked so destiny-fulfilling.
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  19. Talking about Agurbash in the arena you actually couldnā€˜t hear her for the first minute. Luckily (?) it was not the same for tv.

    I actually just found out that she still sings.
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