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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. So, about jESC 2020. What are your thoughts on the songs so far about the songs?

    Spain is going for Baby Rosalía, I see.

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  2. Sweden won OGAE Second Chance 2020


    (Finland's Cicciolina was second, Italy's Andromeda was third and Albania's Me Tana was fourth)
  3. Awful. This is literally the only good song so far. Belarus is also alright.

    All the ballads are underwhelming or straight up boring (looking at you @ Germany, Serbia, Malta) and the uptempos are not any better. I mean...

  4. Anna Bergendahl?
    Robbed again.
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  5. Yes
  6. And once again, France bringing the junior bops

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  7. I'm quite enjoying the Polish one
  8. Eurovision Again is back today, and it's quite a throwback and a half!

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  9. nn 1976 is bad. Such an odd choice.
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  10. Eurovision 1976 is worth for these two excellent entries:

    Norway and UK are great, too.

    But, yeah, besides that, not much stood out.
  11. I guess it was chosen because it was the last ESC that followed up a Netherlands victory until 2021.

    The online voting results:
  12. Love the original top 3 of 1976, Monaco is another strong entry! Have to say the stage decorations really took most of the focus away, love how every song has it's own look!
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  13. My five main impressions from 1976:

    • You get a Dutch flower bouquet, and you get a Dutch flower bouquet, everybody gets a Dutch flower bouquet!
    • The shifting stage background was the closest we got in 70's Eurovision to LEDs.
    • Corry Brokken hosting as the Dutch Deidre Barlow was a mood and her pronouncing Monaco "Mo-NAHR-co" was a choice. Or vice-versa.
    • Not Norway being criminally underrated, not Switzerland bringing along Pennywise's dad and not Finland bringing the biggest bop!
    • In hindsight, Brotherhood Of Man winning was a mere formality, wasn't it? And not Ireland being the country who gave the lowest score to the UK (three points)!
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  14. I's the Dutch pronunciation.
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  15. [​IMG]

    She was supposed to pronounce it in English, though.
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  16. You still understood her so

  17. Still on 1976, this was the song that won the German NF but was disqualified due to have been previously performed in public, which was a shame as it's much better than Sing Sang Song.

    And this was the song that came up in second in Luxembourg's preselection

  18. Not Spain bringing Brisa Fenoy and ROSALÍA together in a song

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  19. Tonight, Eurovision Again goes to Zagreb 1990! Get ready for Toto, Emma, Azúcar Moreno and a handful of songs about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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  20. The Twitter voting results. The top 6 is taste!

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